Roxy's Uptown Minneapolis Adventure

Roxy shopping in Uptown Minneapolis,mn Trycia, Roxy and I had lots of fun shopping in Uptown yesterday... I know I always say this, but Minneapolis really is a dog friendly city!   Our first stop was the Apple Store, which LOVES having dogs come in.  All the staff flock to you, but not to help, just to pet your dog!  We both got the new iPhone 5 on Friday and wanted to get a case, but guess what...  The Apple Store does not have cases in stock yet.  Call me crazy, but I just assumed they would have cases for their hottest new product.

When we were done playing with all the toys, we walked down the street and I had to wait outside while Trycia was shopping (they were not dog friendly, sad!).  While waiting on Hennepin Ave, lots of people would pet Roxy as they walked by and she loved it!  Our final stop was at the new CB2 store. I walk talking to one of the employees there and he said "how could we not be dog friendly, I love to meet them all".  There is something that just feels cool about taking your dog with you!  I am always surprised more stores are not dog friendly!

Where are some of the places that you like to take your pooch?

Have a good day!


Dog Friendly Patio's

Patio season is here and there is nothing more fun that taking you pooch to dinner and drinks. We often take Roxy out to dinner with us and people always ask where some of the best places to go are....  We have started to compile a list of dog friendly patios around the Twin Cities, please feel free to comment with anything we have missed as this is a work in progress. --- ROXY APPROVED PATIO'S ---

These are patios that and establishments that we have visited with Roxy and know the staff go the extra mile to cater to the dogs.

Pizzeria Lola - SouthWest Minneapolis

Chang Mai Thai - Uptown Minneapolis

McCoys - St Louis Park (Excelsior and Grand)

Yum Kitchen and Bakery - St Louis Park

Cafe Maude - SouthWest Minneapolis

Sebastian Joe's - Linden Hills Minneapolis

Bar Abeline - Uptown Minneapolis

Tiger Sushi - Uptown Minneapolis



These are suggestions customers have given us on our Facebook page.

Psycho Suzi's - Northeast Minneapolis

Happy Gnome - St Paul

The Loop - Downtown Minneapolis

Park Tavern - St Louis Park

Wilde Roast - Northeast Minneapolis

Barbette - Uptown Minneapolis

Burger Jones - Lake Calhoun

Herkimer - Uptown Minneapolis

Lyndale Tap House - Uptown Minneapolis

Tryg's - Lake Calhoun

Vic's Bar and Grill - Victoria

Loring Kitchen and Bar - Dinkytown Minneapolis

Tin Fish - Lake Calhoun

Toast Wine Bar - North Loop Minneapolis

Urban Eatery - Lake Calhoun

Mill Valley Kitchen - St Louis Park

Birchwood Cafe - Seward Neighborhood

Town Hall Brewery - West Bank Minneapolis

Lucia's - Uptown Minneapolis

Joe's Garage - Loring Park Minneapolis

Tosca Trattoria - Linden Hills Minneapolis

Bob's Java Hut - Uptown Minneapolis

Fun @ Apple

Barkley's Bistro Tonight was a exciting night. As many of you know I am a huge fan of Apple products and I was asked to talk with other pet businesses at an event at the Apple Store in Uptown.  I talked with many people about how we use social media to grow and connect with our business.  One topic of conversation that often came up was.. "what are biggest social media mistakes"... So I decided I would post my 3 top pet peeves about business pages on Facebook.

- It annoys me when a business page comments on other businesses or personal pages as the business.. For example Bubbly Paws comments on a post on Best Buy's wall as Bubbly Paws.  It just bothers me... Not sure why!

- Pages that beg for fans... If you do social media correctly, and run a great business, the fans will come.

- Business pages that have really long names and example would be "Bubbly Paws Dog Wash and Dog Spa in Minneapolis".  This is why we just registered "Bubbly Paws"

By no means am I a Facebook expert, but I like to play one on tv!  Ha!

There were lots of our friends there, and we made lots of new ones!

Have a great night!


Roxy's Visit to the Apple Store

Roxy at the Apple Store in Uptown, Minneapolis,mnAs some of you might know, I am a pretty big supporter of Apple!  Tonight there was a pet event at the Apple Store in Minneapolis (uptown).  The Apple Store is always dog friendly, but it was pretty cool to see 30 dogs all behaved and having fun there!  Our friends from Sidewalk Dog gave a preview of their new website, and Sarah Beth Photography talked about how she edits photos on a Mac.  Fun times and awesome dog treats!  Roxy loved it.. This is the 4th time Roxy has visited the store and she loves all of the attention she gets. Oh, and a shout out to Ben who works there.. He saw that I checked into another apple store on Facebook 2 weeks ago and called me out on it.. I feel like such a cheater!!

Have a good night!



Meet Roxy

Roxy in near Ollu Dog Wash in Minneapolis, mn So much of Bubbly Paws Dog Wash was inspired by our dog Roxy, so I thought it would be good if you got to know her a little better.  Roxy is a 5 year old Bernese Mountain Dog.  She is also a certified therapy dog which means that she can visit schools and nursing homes, and she does this on a regular basis.  She enjoys people and can often be seen sitting on peoples feet!  Af for food, she loves her Woody's Pet Food and will always remind you when it is 6:30am and 5pm for her food.  In the summer, you can often see her walking around (and sitting in) the lakes in Minneapolis  or going to the Minnehaha Dog Park, which is her favorite place in the world!  We also enjoy taking Roxy to as many dog friendly places as possible.  I just took her to the Apple Store in uptown, where they are super dog friendly!

The construction is getting close to being completed, once we are open, stop in and ask Roxy for a "High 5!".

See you soon.


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