minnehaha dog park

Bacon goes to the dog park

Bacon at the Minnehaha dog park in Minneapolis, MNBacon  (the French Bulldog) is one of our regular dogs at the dog wash and he LOVES going to the dog park.  Bacon will often come in for a bath covered in mud and dirt from playing hard with all the dogs.  His parents just sent us some pictures taken by Go Dog Photos at the Minnehaha Dog Park.  They captured Bacon right before he stopped in for a bath!  This is exactly why we designed the dog wash.... For the dirty, messy and muddy dogs :)  We love getting these before pictures, so feel free to send or post them to our Facebook page at anytime!

Meet Roxy

Roxy in near Ollu Dog Wash in Minneapolis, mn So much of Bubbly Paws Dog Wash was inspired by our dog Roxy, so I thought it would be good if you got to know her a little better.  Roxy is a 5 year old Bernese Mountain Dog.  She is also a certified therapy dog which means that she can visit schools and nursing homes, and she does this on a regular basis.  She enjoys people and can often be seen sitting on peoples feet!  Af for food, she loves her Woody's Pet Food and will always remind you when it is 6:30am and 5pm for her food.  In the summer, you can often see her walking around (and sitting in) the lakes in Minneapolis  or going to the Minnehaha Dog Park, which is her favorite place in the world!  We also enjoy taking Roxy to as many dog friendly places as possible.  I just took her to the Apple Store in uptown, where they are super dog friendly!

The construction is getting close to being completed, once we are open, stop in and ask Roxy for a "High 5!".

See you soon.


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