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Minneapolis Grand Opening Celebration

Minneapolis grand opEning party.png

Join us on Saturday, January 6th from 11-3 at our new Minneapolis dog wash (48th and Chicago in South Minneapolis) for our grand opening celebration. 

$5 off all self-service baths

20% off all retail items

Free treats for humans and dogs including doggy beer and wine.

Photo station to take a picture with your pooch



Presents for Pooches


We have teamed up with our sister business, Pampered Pooch Playground and our friends at Westgate Pet Clinic to raise money, food and treats for Good Karma Animal Rescue.  All food and treats need to be un-opened. Starting Friday, November 24th until January 1st you can make donations at any of our locations or online by clicking here.  If you donate $50 online, by clicking here you will receive a $5 gift card to Bubbly Paws

Thanks Lill


I was  just asked to write a paragraph about one of our employees that has made Bubbly Paws dog wash and grooming the success that it is (this will be featured on something cool in the next few months, but I can't talk about that yet).  It was so hard to narrow it down to just 1 while keeping it under 400 characters!  After about 20 minutes of hard thinking, I decided it was Lill, our General Manager! I copied and pasted the paragraph below! “Our General Manager, Lill has been a huge part of the success of Bubbly Paws!  I remember her first day almost 3 years ago, the day before Thanksgiving and it seemed like the whole city came to bathe their dogs; it was the busiest day we had ever had. It was Lill's first day of training and she killed it with customers even though we had not trained her.  Ever since that day, I knew she would be a huge part of Bubbly Paws. Now she runs the stores! I often find myself saying "how would Lill handle this".  She is more than a General Manager... She is our CBO...  Chief Bubbly Officer! Thanks Lill”

Every company needs a Frank

Frank walking our luggage out to a taxi, while telling us we need to come back and visit ASAP!
Frank walking our luggage out to a taxi, while telling us we need to come back and visit ASAP!

Every winter, Trycia and I always take a warm weather vacation and this year was no different!  We love to unwind, and not think about the businesses, but it also gives us time to grow and think about how we do things.  I know, that totally just went back on everything I just said, but it is true.  It is always easier to look at the big picture, when you are away from what is going on, but it is also hard for me to totally unplug and not be involved with everything.  We have a great group of employees that know how to do a great job, and they never let us down!

Each time we would leave out hotel, there was a great doorman named Frank.  This man obviously loved his job!  He would come in everyday and work so hard at getting to know all the guests and make sure they were having a great time, he was more than just a person to open the front door.  I have to honestly say, he was probably the hotel's most enthusiastic employee!  After we left the hotel to go to the airport, I said to Trycia, "Every business needs a Frank", which is totally true!  You need that one person that is always excited to greet people and make sure all of their needs are taken care of, regardless of what is going on in their personal life.  He also worked so hard to remember our names and things that we have done while on vacation.   On our way home, I wrote a nice review of the hotel and mentioned Frank by name.

Trycia and I love to travel, so if you ever need advice, just ask :)

Have a great day!


Best Of 2015

I am so honored that Bubbly Paws Dog Wash and Spa has been nominated as "Best Groomer" by the readers of the St Louis Park Magazine for the 3rd year in a row!  We have 3 wonderful dog groomers at our St Louis Park store and all do an amazing job!  Click here for more information or to buy tickets to the awards!  A complete list of nominations is below: All finalists are listed in alphabetical order. Listed order of finalists in no way implies number of votes or final result.

Bakery: Honey & Rye Bakehouse, Muddy Paws Cheesecake, Yum! Kitchen and Bakery

Burgers: Bunny's Bar & Grill, Burger Jones, Park Tavern

Tavern or Bar: Bunny's Bar & Grill, McCoy's Public House, Park Tavern

Kid-friendly restaurant: Bunny's Bar & Grill, Park Tavern, Yum! Kitchen and Bakery

New restaurant: Honey & Rye Bakehouse, Urban Sub, Yard House

Patio dining: Cooper Irish Pub, Crave, Rojo Mexican Grill

Bartender: Chelsea Carson-Steel Toe Brewing Tap Room, Shaun Farrow-Yard House

Date night spot: Crave, Mill Valley Kitchen, Rojo Mexican Grill

Place for craft beer on tap: McCoy's Public House, Steel Toe Brewing, Yard House

Dessert spot: Mill Valley Kitchen, Park Yogurt, Yum! Kitchen and Bakery

Chiropractic clinic: Boulevard Chiropractic Clinic, Lake Pointe Chiropractic & Wellness, West End Chiropractic and Wellness,

Dental clinic: Metro Dentalcare, Park Dental, Tranquility Dental, Orthodontic clinic: All Care Dentistry, Family Orthodontics PA, Orthodontic Care Specialists

Pediatric Clinic: Park Nicollet Clinic, Partners in Pediatrics, Pediatric Services Fitness or yoga studio: CorePower Yoga, Life Time Fitness, Yoga Center Minneapolis,

Medspa or rejuvenation clinic: LifeSpa - Lifetime Fitness, Phresh, Urban Retreat

Eye clinic: Park Nicollet Clinic, Rose Fashion Optical, Whiting Clinic

Dermatology clinic: Academic Dermatology, Park Nicollet Clinic Senior living residence: Parkshore Senior Campus, Sholom Home West/Menorah Plaza, TowerLight Builder or remodeler: Anchor Builders, Choice Wood Company, Sicora Design Build

Home retail or furnishings: CIEL Loft & Home, Odds and Ends Furniture Gallery, Woody's Furniture Interior designer: Jackie Halverson-Anchor Builders, Laura Potter-Laura Potter Designs, Wendy Rostal-Rostal Design

Heating or AC company: Cronstrom's Heating and Air Conditioning, Standard Heating and Air Conditioning, Vogt Heating and Air Conditioning

Yard Service: Green Horizons, CN'R Lawn and Landscape, Rainbow Treecare

Preschool or childcare: Kids' Place-Lenox Community Center, Kid Zone Child Care Center, Wooddale Community Nursery School

Doggy daycare or kennel: Hot Dog Walking, Pampered Pooch Playground, Petropawlis Pet Hotel

Place to spoil your pet: Bubbly Paws Dog Wash, Lulu & Luigi's, Petropawlis Pet Hotel

Veterinary clinic: All Paws Animal Hospital, Oak Knoll Animal Hospital, Westgate Animal Hospital

Dance studio: Barre Bliss, On Your Toes School of Dance, Park Dance Center

Financial advisor: Kim Mitchell - Thrivent, Mark Nevermann - Edward Jones, Michael Kirschling - J. Bentley Insurance

Hairstylist or barber: Darrin Miernicki - Darrin James Salon and Spa, Rochelle Farrow - Darrin James Salon and Spa, Sasha Zoghi - Revolution Salon

Massage therapist: Christa Caputa- Urban Retreat Salon, Sara Garnier- West End Chiropractic, Tianna Johnson - Darrin James Salon and Spa

Real estate agent: Charlie Adair, Richard Webb, Susan Melbye

Salon or spa: Revolution Salon, Phresh, Darrin James Salon and Spa Insurance agent: Greg Loffhagen, Scott Mobley, Susan Haub

Nail salon: Glamour Nails, Honey Nails, Ocean Spa and Nails

Boutique: Apricot Lane, Evereve, Primp

Small-business customer service: Chears Audiology, Mama's Happy, Waxing the City

Gift shop: Guild Collective, Judith McGrann & Friends, Max's

Jewelry store: Continental Diamond, Max's

New shop: Mama's Happy, Revolution Salon, Waxing the City

Florist: Arts & Flowers, Byerly's, Linsk Flowers Liquor store: Liquor Barrel, Liquor Boy, The Four Firkins

Consignment shop: Opitz, Rodeo Drive, Upscale Consignment

Shoe store: DSW, Opitz, Schuler Shoes

Foodie store: Good Day Cafe, Gourmet Oil & Vinegar, Yum! Kitchen and Bakery

Car dealership: German Auto Works, Morrie's Hyundai, Westside Volkswagon

Coffee shop: Honey & Rye Bakehouse, Vitali's Bistro, Yum! Kitchen and Bakery

Fedex Office Promo

This past December a video production team from Fedex Office stopped out to our Saint Louis Park dog wash to find out more about how we work and how FedEx Office has helped us become one of the premier dog washes in the country! We had so much fun shooting this video.  One quick side note, the woman that was working at the FedEx Office store in the video is a not only a FedEx Office team member, but a real life Bubbly Paws customer!  How cool is that??  Click Here to read more or watch the video below!  

Random Acts of Bubbly

Minneapolis dog groomer giving back
Minneapolis dog groomer giving back

When we first opened our first Bubbly Paws location, we always wanted to be much more than just a business.  We wanted to give back to the pet community community in which we are located.  Over the years we have done this in various ways from donations, silent auction items, fundraisers, sponsorships and more!  I am happy to announce that in 2014 we donated over $10,000 in goods, services and money to local pet rescues and shelters in the Twin Cities!

We want to do even more good and help even more people in the community!  This year we are kicking off our "Random Acts of Bubbly" campaign.  Throughout the year we will be helping out local rescues and shelters!  If you have any ideas on how we can help, feel free to contact me!  Because we are a small business, we can't handle every request we get, but we will try!

As a small business owner, one of the greatest joys is giving back and helping those in need!  Make sure to keep an eye on our facebook page and our blog to see what we have been up to!

In addition to the Bubbly Paws crew giving back, we strongly encourage all of our customers to create their own "Random Acts of Bubbly".  Let us know what you have done to help out in the Twin Cities, use #bubblypaws or share it on our Facebook page!

Our first "Random acts of Bubbly" is going to take place this week!  I will give you all the details soon!




Help celebrate the time change this Sunday at both Bubbly Paws locations from 10am-4pm with 1/2 price savings on the following services: $5 Nail Trims $5 Face Trims $5 Foot Trims $5 Sani Trims $7.50 Nail Grinds

Appointments are first come, first served. We get pretty busy, please plan to wait a few minutes. Paw points are NOT given out for discounted services.

Flexi Leash Dangers

Flexi Leash law in Minneapolis
Flexi Leash law in Minneapolis

Every now and then we have a customer ask "Why don't you carry Flexi or retractable leashes at Bubbly Paws?".  We don't carry these types of leashes for many reasons; one of which is that I have seen too many injuries and incidents related to these types of leashes.

If you do use a Flexi Leash, please make sure to lock the leash at about 3 feet long when stopping into Bubbly Paws or other businesses to make sure your dog is easily controlled.  Most cities including Minneapolis, Edina, Saint Paul, and Bloomington all have regulations saying the leash can't be longer than 6 feet.  Just because your dog is friendly to other dogs and loves to run up and greet them, does not all dogs enjoy dogs running up to them.  Always ask dog owners first before the dog runs up.  Also, be very careful of getting burned by the Flexi Leash, I have a leash burn on my leg from a dog that was running into our doggy daycare on an unlocked leash.  If you are looking for some great alternatives to flexi leashes, we have some great selections at Bubbly Paws.  Do a quick image search on Google for "Flexi Leash Injury" and you will see the possible harm that can come to humans and dogs from these leashes.  Below is a great article from the Dogginton Post about the Dangers of Flexi Leashes and how to use them responsibly.


Flexi Leash Dangers
Flexi Leash Dangers

One of the most popular devices used to restrain dogs when taking them out for a walk is the retractable leash. Many owners, however, wonder if such a leash is appropriate or even safe to use. Well, the answer generally depends on a person’s reason for using the device. While there are several ways to utilize the retractable leash properly, it is important to remember that they also pose some danger to you and your dog if not used correctly.

Before using a retractable leash, make certain you’ve got one that’s strong enough to handle your dog. Dogs that have a tendency to bolt or take off running after perceived prey should never be restrained with a retractable leash. Aside from those dangers, there are other things to keep in mind when using one of these popular leashes.

What You Need to Watch Out For

· Prickling leash burns. Retractable leashes, especially the thin string variety, can very easily cause leash burns. This could happen when you let your pooch race past you with the retractable line zipped up across your bare skin. Unwarranted injuries, however, can be prevented if you try the flat, tape style retractable leash. · Entanglement or strangulation. Not only can retractable leashes burn us, they can also get twisted around a dog’s neck or legs. Worse, if your pooch panics and jerks the moment they get hog-tied; it could cause the leash to pull even tighter. Although you can loosen the cords that have wrapped around his neck, the situation could quickly become life-threatening. · Fatal accidents. There are times when our dogs dart away all of a sudden, and with a retractable leash on him, your dog might dart even farther, faster. Nevertheless, it’s the reeling that’s a serious issue here. It is possible that Fido may spot a squirrel or anything interesting across the street, and suddenly take off after it. If you’re not alert enough, his abrupt behavior and an un-sturdy retractable leash could put him smack on the road, right in front of a speeding car.

Other Things You Would Never Want to Happen

· The leash drops. Because these leashes rarely have a wrist strap and are sometimes heavy and bulky, dropping them is a regular occurrence. What’s worse, if you drop the handle, the lack of tension can send the heavy handle hurdling toward your dog. Not only could the heavy leash handle smack your dog in the head, if your dog is spooked by the leash handle zipping deafeningly toward him, he may take off running. · The cord is grabbed. If you grab the cord/tape while it is being pulled from the handle, you might suffer from immediate injury like cuts and burns. · The cord wraps around you. Poor handling can also cause the cord/tape to twist around you or someone else’s fingers resulting in deep wounds, or worse, amputation. · The collar breaks or comes off your dog. The moment this occurs, the leash could retract at top speed while the other end of the line whips around at the same full momentum leading to serious injuries to face, teeth, and eyes.

The right time to start grooming your puppy

Coco has been a regular at Bubbly Paws since she was a tiny puppy. When she was ready for her first big grooming she was calm and comfortable allowing Mallory to give her a great cut!
Coco has been a regular at Bubbly Paws since she was a tiny puppy. When she was ready for her first big grooming she was calm and comfortable allowing Mallory to give her a great cut!

Every dog needs to be groomed, at least a little. We love seeing new puppies (who doesn't?) but it is even better to see young dogs get regular nail trims and baths so they start a lifetime of grooming on the right paw. I often get asked when you should first get your dog groomed and the simplest answer is soon after they have their vaccinations up to date enough to make other trips in public, usually around 10 weeks old. Many dogs do not require regular grooming so as long as bath time and nail trims are done in a positive way a few times during their puppyhood they grow up being calm and comfortable with normal healthy grooming chores. However, if you have a breed that requires grooming it takes a little more planning to make sure your puppy has the best chance at being positively accustomed to grooming.

Breeds that require grooming are anything non-shed, hypoallergenic breeds from Bichons to the biggest doodles. These breeds need to be groomed on a regular schedule for their whole lives. Bubbly Paws offers a great deal with our Puppy Package, for puppies' first groom before they are 6 months old. We offer such a great deal because we believe grooming should be a low stress and fun activity for your dog and the best way to do that is to start early and make the first grooming a good one. In the Puppy Package we get all the good healthy necessities done, like a bath and nail trim and hope to get some more trimming done but we play it by ear. If the puppy is doing great maybe we'll get an all-over haircut done but if the puppy is stressed or too wiggly we focus on using positive reinforcement on calm behaviors and offer breaks for play time and to let out some energy before getting back to business.

Puppy coat is so soft and lovely, it's hard to see it go when they start growing up. You may want to keep your Wheaten terrier's puppy coat until they are 9 months old but it might not be the best thing for your dog. Unless you are brushing your dog thoroughly everyday that puppy coat will matt when the adult coat starts coming in. Nothing is more stressful for your dog and our groomers then having to shave down a matted dog that has never been groomed before and that has all the energy a 9 month to year old dog might have. It's much better to plan regular grooming (even just a bath and brush out or a little trim) every month or two and part of everyday to brush your dog. By preventing tangled fur you can prevent your dog from having to be shaved and keep that soft puppy fluff as long as possible.

Shadow had his puppy's first groom at 4 months old and was so well-behaved Jessica was able to give him an all over trim!
Shadow had his puppy's first groom at 4 months old and was so well-behaved Jessica was able to give him an all over trim!

We work hard everyday to make grooming fun and we (and your puppy) hope you do too!  Grooming is offered daily at both our locations.

We're Turning 3!

Minneapolis Dog Wash
Minneapolis Dog Wash

We want to thank all of our wonderful customers for 3 years of business and voting us "Best Groomer" and "Best Customer Service" at our Excelsior and Grand location in St Louis Park.  Join us this Saturday from 10-6 for a special celebration! We will have refreshments, custom cupcakes from Sweet Retreat (while they last), and treats for our 4 legged friends!  Anyone that stops in will be entered to win a $50 gift card to Bubbly Paws (if you can't make it in, make sure to visit our Facebook Page on Saturday for another chance to win).

All our retail items will be 15% off this Saturday!

Thanks for helping us to become the premier dog spa in the Twin Cities, we could never have achieved this without our great customers!!

(This event is only taking place at our St Louis Park location!  We will do something special for our 1 year anniversary for our St Paul store in August).

Muddy Mutt Contest


Now through Sunday, April 20th, we are searching for the muddiest dogs in the Twin Cities.  Simply upload a picture of your dirty dog to our Facebook fan page, or use #bubblypaws on Instagram.  We will pick one lucky dog to win the grand prize: a free self service bath at Bubbly Paws and a photo shoot with Eva Noth Photography!  This prize package has a value of $250! And now... The rules

- The Bubbly Paws staff will be judging the pictures and looking for the dirtiest dogs in the Twin Cities.  Have fun and get creative, we know there are lots of dirty dogs out there!  Extra points are given if your dog is at Bubbly Paws, heck we will even take the picture for you on your phone!

- Photos must be uploaded to the Bubbly Paws Facebook Page or use #bubblypaws on Instagram.

- The photo has to have been taken this spring.

- You must be a resident of the Twin Cities.

- One entry per person.

- We might re-post the entries that have been submitted, or your pooch might be used for promotional purposes by Bubbly Paws or Eva Noth Photography.

- Decision of the Bubbly Paws judges is final.

Flea and Tick Season is Coming

Don't let these creeps make a meal out of your pooch!
Don't let these creeps make a meal out of your pooch!

It's no secret I'm not a fan of winter. I don't like the cold, snow, ice or any of it except that we get a break from the pesky insects Minnesota is known for. It may not feel like spring is really here yet, but the temperatures have warmed up enough that it is time to prepare for flea and tick season. The increased temperatures mean all the creepy crawlies are coming back and it's better to be ahead of the game. Fleas can cause skin irritation, flea dermatitis and spread tapeworms in addition to being a major discomfort to you and your pet.   Ticks can spread over a dozen diseases and can also cause infection at the bite site. Like most health and wellness concerns for our pets (and us) prevention is the best medicine. There are so many great preventatives on the market. Talk to your vet to find the best option for your dog and start it when they recommend (usually April or May in Minnesota though some vets recommend using a parasite preventative year round).

These are the types of ticks you may find on your dog.
These are the types of ticks you may find on your dog.

Once your dog is on flea and tick preventative medicine check regularly as your pet can pick up pests before they are killed. Fleas can be caught from wild animals or eggs laid in the environment (even your backyard). Ticks are often found in long grass and wooded areas, although I know many dogs that have picked them up at local dog parks. Regular bathing and grooming your dog is a great way to get a look through their coat for any unwelcome pests.

The life cycle of the common dog and cat flea.
The life cycle of the common dog and cat flea.

Bubbly Paws is a flea and tick free zone so make sure you are covered before coming in. If we find fleas on your dog we will ask that you take your dog home ASAP. If there is a tick on your dog let us know and a Bubbly Paws team member can remove it, dispose of it properly and clean the bite area. Stay protected with good prevention and enjoy a summer free of worry about pests on your pet!

Top 5 Tips for Taking Better Pictures of your Dog in the Tub

A special guest blog post from Eva Noth Photography.  For more pictures from this photo shoot, you can visit our Facebook Page! Towels?  Check.  Shampoo?  Check.  Camera?  Wait, what's that for?

Bath days at Bubbly Paws Dog Wash and Grooming can be fun and fresh smelling days around our house.  After all, who doesn't love a sudsy pup - and all while not having to break your back or do all the clean up?  Which leads me to the camera - none of us can resist taking a cute picture of a dog especially at bath time, and with portable cameras on our smart phones, we never have to miss an opportunity, even at the dog wash!  Want a little help to avoid the drowned rat look with green demon eyes in your next photos?  Here are my top 5 tips for taking better pictures of your dog in the tub:

Tip 1.  Treats and Toys

BP Tub Photos-9
BP Tub Photos-9

Bath time can be a scary or unhappy time for some dogs, no matter how cutely miserable they look!  Using treats and toys to bring out that happy pup smile can really make a difference in your pictures.  Bubbly Paws has an amazing selection of delicious and fun treats and toys that can make bath time a reward and get those ears to perk up in the tub - and only an arm's stretch away!

Tip 2.  Get Down on their Level

BP Tub Photos-1
BP Tub Photos-1

Nothing is more interesting than seeing the world the way your pet does.  Try crouching down or putting the camera near their face on the edge of the tub to capture them from a new or silly angle.  You will be amazed how different the world and bath time looks from down there!

Tip 3.  Avoid the Drowned Rat


Some dogs just don't look good soaking wet, in fact, they resemble that "drowned rat" rather than a dog (What happened to that cute fluffy dog I brought in???).  If you want to do some photos in the bright and fun colored tubs at Bubbly Paws, try to take your pictures while your dog is sudsy but not soaking wet.  Another tip, leave its head dry until you are done with photos - nothing says adorable like a big fluffy head and sudsy skinny body!

Tip 4.  Turn Off Your Flash

BP Tub Photos-19
BP Tub Photos-19

The auto function on our cameras makes taking pictures easy, but it also can cause some pretty freaky looking pet pictures.  By turning off your flash, you avoid the notorious "demon green eyes" that make your photos turn out wrong.  A bonus to this technique: many pets are scared by flashes so this makes having a picture taken less stressful!

Tip 5.  Have Fun!

BP Tub Photos-15
BP Tub Photos-15

Animals pick up on our moods much better than other humans and can sense when we are angry, stressed, sad, or frustrated.  Don't try to force your animal to be what they aren't (ex. If your dog hates bath time, don't get mad when they perpetually express their stress by panting when you wanted a closed mouth picture) as you will both become stressed and frustrated.  Allow you and your pet to relax and have fun instead.  Dance to the fun music at the shop and enjoy your fresh smelling pooch!  After all, bath time with your pet should make you happy, not frustrated.

I hope you enjoyed the tips and will be trying some photos in the tub next time you visit Bubbly Paws!  If you have any more questions or want to book a pet photography session please contact me at info@evanothphotography.com or check out my website at www.evanothphotography.com.

What You Learn On Vacation

Marley Bear is one of the many dogs we got to meet while on vacation!
Marley Bear is one of the many dogs we got to meet while on vacation!

The past few days, Trycia and I were on vacation enjoying some warm weather and taking a few days to de-stress. I love going away because I feel it really gives me time to get away from both of our businesses, but also lets me focus more on how to improve what we are already doing and re-focus on things that we can improve on.  I guess some of your best work can be done on the beach, drinking a cocktail while using an iPad (can you tell it is hard for me to disconnect).  Anyway.... Many of our customers know how much we try to have our employees provide an amazing experience each time someone walks through the door.... Well, for once we were on the other side of it.  Trycia wrote a Tripadvisor review of the hotel we were staying at, which was a very honest review. She gave the hotel 4 out of 5 stars and mentioned that not all of the hotel staff we extra friendly, but just were going through the motions of their job (nothing bad, nothing good, they were just there).  She posted this review the day before we left.  Our last morning at the hotel, 3 members of management (at different times) came up to us to make sure everything was ok.  They mentioned they saw the review and wanted to know how they could improve.  Each person we talked to really did care about the review, and they were not just going through the motions to make us happy.  They comped our lunch and just wanted to make sure we left with a smile on our face, which we were already going to do before they talked to us!   This was a great lesson in customer service for us, and made us think about how we would handle the same situation of we were running the hotel.  All this being said, we had a great vacation, and would recommend this hotel to friends even before they reacted to the review we wrote.

I mention all of this because we always want to go above what is expected at Bubbly Paws, and 99% of the time we do! If there is ever an issue, please feel free to reach out to myself, or Lill (our general manager).  We always want everyone to be happy when they leave (including the dogs).  This blog post is not me asking people to go on Yelp, Facebook or Foursquare to write a review (Personal note, I am not a fan of review sites, and always take the reviews with a grain of salt, we can go into more detail about that another time), but let us know how we can make things better!

Have a great day, and we are so excited to be back in the snow!

Blu - Up for Adoption


Say hello to Blu, who is being fostered by Emily (one of our staff at the Saint Paul Dog Wash) for Pet Haven.  Blu loves being one of the "shop dogs" at Bubbly Paws, but is looking for a forever home.  She is your typical high energy puppy and is about 7 months old.  Blu knows a few basic commands and gets along well with other dogs. For more information on Blu, click here to visit the page on Pet Finder.

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