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What You Learn On Vacation

Marley Bear is one of the many dogs we got to meet while on vacation!
Marley Bear is one of the many dogs we got to meet while on vacation!

The past few days, Trycia and I were on vacation enjoying some warm weather and taking a few days to de-stress. I love going away because I feel it really gives me time to get away from both of our businesses, but also lets me focus more on how to improve what we are already doing and re-focus on things that we can improve on.  I guess some of your best work can be done on the beach, drinking a cocktail while using an iPad (can you tell it is hard for me to disconnect).  Anyway.... Many of our customers know how much we try to have our employees provide an amazing experience each time someone walks through the door.... Well, for once we were on the other side of it.  Trycia wrote a Tripadvisor review of the hotel we were staying at, which was a very honest review. She gave the hotel 4 out of 5 stars and mentioned that not all of the hotel staff we extra friendly, but just were going through the motions of their job (nothing bad, nothing good, they were just there).  She posted this review the day before we left.  Our last morning at the hotel, 3 members of management (at different times) came up to us to make sure everything was ok.  They mentioned they saw the review and wanted to know how they could improve.  Each person we talked to really did care about the review, and they were not just going through the motions to make us happy.  They comped our lunch and just wanted to make sure we left with a smile on our face, which we were already going to do before they talked to us!   This was a great lesson in customer service for us, and made us think about how we would handle the same situation of we were running the hotel.  All this being said, we had a great vacation, and would recommend this hotel to friends even before they reacted to the review we wrote.

I mention all of this because we always want to go above what is expected at Bubbly Paws, and 99% of the time we do! If there is ever an issue, please feel free to reach out to myself, or Lill (our general manager).  We always want everyone to be happy when they leave (including the dogs).  This blog post is not me asking people to go on Yelp, Facebook or Foursquare to write a review (Personal note, I am not a fan of review sites, and always take the reviews with a grain of salt, we can go into more detail about that another time), but let us know how we can make things better!

Have a great day, and we are so excited to be back in the snow!

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