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Hurricane Harvey Relief


Bubbly Paws and Pampered Pooch Playground have teamed up with Good Karma Animal Rescue to raise funds and supplies to help the relief effort at animal shelters in Texas.  Good Karma Animal Rescue will be heading to Texas to bring some of the shelter dogs back to Minnesota to find a forever home (these are dogs that were in the shelter/rescue system before the hurricane hit).  When they make their way back to Minnesota, Bubbly Paws will be hosting a night with a local vet to check over the dogs and our staff will be bathing them (all free of charge). 

You can make a donation directly to Good Karma online by clicking here or at any of the Bubbly Paws stores or at Pampered Pooch Playground.  

Good Karma was recently on FOX 9 talking about their efforts.

Protect your pooch this spring and summer

Flea and Tick season is here and we want to make sure your dog is protected. Every spring Jessica our groomer sees a good share of ticks and it has already started!  Our friends at FOX 9 did a great story on how to make sure your dog is ready!  

Warm Weather Brings Fleas, Ticks Out Early:

Coyotes in the Twin Cities

We were watching the FOX 9 news tonight and saw this story about a coyote in Edina.  I just thought we should pass it along so you can make sure to keep your dog safe and sound.  

Edina to Confront Coyotes after Dog Attacked:


From FOX 9 - EDINA, Minn. - Coyote sightings have been reported across the metro, but now an Edina dog is recovering after being attacked in broad daylight on a resident’s patio and the city is talking about cracking down.

On both sides of her body, Becky Bennett’s dog, Smokey, bears the marks of being in the jaws of a coyote.

“They x-rayed her. She didn’t have any broken bones, which is fortunate,” said Bennett.

Bennett’s house backs up to a part of the city that attracts a lot of wildlife, but that’s not where the attack happened. In fact, she said if Smokey had been bitten closer to the pond, it would be a different story.

Instead, her dog was attacked in broad daylight on her patio by a coyote she has seen frequently lately and taken pictures of.

The last time Bennett saw the coyote was on Easter Sunday.

“It was laying out in that marshy area. We were all up on the deck watching it, and itstead of running away, he came up to the house,” she recalled.

The DNR says that coyotes are in every suburb and often go unseen; although, some will grow more bold.

Yet, residents of Edina said they are concerned that the population is growing and Bennett said she hopes the city will thin the pack. If not, she hopes they will at least work to kill the coyote that no longer seems to be intimidated by humans.


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