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Royal Canin Dog Makeover on WCCO

dog makeover in minneapolis
dog makeover in minneapolis

Our good friends at Royal Canin approached us to help makeover some rescue dogs so that they could get adopted.  You can watch the story from WCCO-TV by clicking here.  If you know of a rescue dog in need of a makeover, click here.

This is all part of our "Random Acts of Bubbly" for 2015 and we love to give back to the Twin Cities Pet Community.

Random Acts of Bubbly

Minneapolis dog groomer giving back
Minneapolis dog groomer giving back

When we first opened our first Bubbly Paws location, we always wanted to be much more than just a business.  We wanted to give back to the pet community community in which we are located.  Over the years we have done this in various ways from donations, silent auction items, fundraisers, sponsorships and more!  I am happy to announce that in 2014 we donated over $10,000 in goods, services and money to local pet rescues and shelters in the Twin Cities!

We want to do even more good and help even more people in the community!  This year we are kicking off our "Random Acts of Bubbly" campaign.  Throughout the year we will be helping out local rescues and shelters!  If you have any ideas on how we can help, feel free to contact me!  Because we are a small business, we can't handle every request we get, but we will try!

As a small business owner, one of the greatest joys is giving back and helping those in need!  Make sure to keep an eye on our facebook page and our blog to see what we have been up to!

In addition to the Bubbly Paws crew giving back, we strongly encourage all of our customers to create their own "Random Acts of Bubbly".  Let us know what you have done to help out in the Twin Cities, use #bubblypaws or share it on our Facebook page!

Our first "Random acts of Bubbly" is going to take place this week!  I will give you all the details soon!


The Bubbly Bowl

Yesterday was the Bubbly Bowl at Bubbly Paws Dog Wash and what a great turnout!  So many happy dogs and so many happy owners!! All the dogs that came received a digital trading card from Modern Life Photo.  Owners got to decide which local pet rescue would receive a $5 donation from their bath and the rescue that received the most donations would receive a Bubbly Paws gift package with gift cards for self-service baths and other goodies!  The winning rescue was Retrieve A Golden Of Minnesota (RAGOM).  The other rescues that the Bubbly Bowl benefited were The Pet Project, Pet Haven, Greyhound Pets Of America- MN, and The Minnesota Boxer Rescue.  What a great time and I promise we will keep doing events like these that give back to the pet community!

Have a good weekend!


Flippin' Cups For The Pups - Recap

A good part of our business model is to give back to the dog community where we are located.  This past summer, I was talking with Rachel who runs Secondhand Hounds, and she was tossing around the idea of a flip cup tournament.  I instantly said that we wanted to sponsor it!  The ball was rolling.... THen Trycia (my wife and co-owner of Bubbly Paws Dog Wash), decided she wanted to go to Italy for our 5 year wedding anniversary, so we booked the trip.  Who would have thought that the flip cup tournament would be the day we got back?  So unfortunately we were so jet-lagged that we did not make it out to this great game!  I know they will be doing it again, and we will for sure be part of it.  Everyone that was there said it was a great time!  We love being part of these events and giving back! Keith

Our April fundraiser is almost over!

dog wash donations for Red Lake Rosie'sFor the month of April we have decided to help Red Lake Rosie's Rescue raise money.  If you make a monetary donation 100% goes directly to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and you will also save $5 off a self service dog wash!  Hurry, April is almost over and our donation box is getting pretty full! See you soon!


Battle of the Nubs

Bubbly Paws Dog wash donationI know we always mention that we like to be very active in the community and have a great relationship with many of the pet rescues. Today at the Park Tavern in St Louis Park is the "Battle of the Nubs" between the Boxer Rescue and the Doberman Rescue.... Anyone going to this great event will have the chance to win 2 Bubbly Paws gift baskets, with a nice gift card inside! Enjoy! Have a good weekend!


Walk for the Animals


Did you catch this weeks prize from the Animal Humane Society?  Bubbly Paws donated a bunch of gift cards to help get people to raise money for the Walk for the Animals.  If you have not signed up yet, please join our team we have a bunch of incentives.....  Team Paws and Pooch will be a great time!  Giving back to the local pet community has always been something that both of our businesses have been built on!

Have a good night.


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