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Walk for the Animals


Bubbly Paws is proud to sponsor the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show's team for the 2018 Animal Humane Society's Walk for the Animals.  Come join the kickoff party on Saturday March 10th, 1pm at Summit Brewing in Saint Paul. Anyone that joins the team will receive a Bubbly Paws gift card and some other amazing goodies.  PLUS, we are providing 250 Summit/Bubbly Paws beer glasses, does it get any cooler?  Our good friends at Bentley's Pet Stuff will also be there.  Click Here for more details and to join the team!

Walk for the Animals


Did you catch this weeks prize from the Animal Humane Society?  Bubbly Paws donated a bunch of gift cards to help get people to raise money for the Walk for the Animals.  If you have not signed up yet, please join our team we have a bunch of incentives.....  Team Paws and Pooch will be a great time!  Giving back to the local pet community has always been something that both of our businesses have been built on!

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