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Roxy gets a bath in Minneapolis

We were proud to be chosen for the cover of the St Louis Park Magazine - Pet edition. Below you can read the article that featured Pampered Pooch Playground and Bubbly Paws.

Pampered Pooch Playground Owners: Trycia and Keith Miller Services: Dog day care, boarding

The tale:

Trycia and Keith Miller launched their dog day-care center five years ago. They initially opened it for their beloved Bernese mountain dog named Roxy. Today the Millers manage about 95 dogs per day at the Pampered Pooch Playground. They have three separate rooms for canine frolicking, including 11,000 square feet of climate-controlled indoor space and a 3,500-square-foot outdoor area. There are also luxury suites for the extremely pampered pooch.

“Minnesota is unregulated for doggie day care, so it’s a point of concern for dog owners,” Keith Miller says. “Someone could rent any old garage and put 60 dogs in it.” The Millers do everything they can to alleviate worry. Pampered Pooch is the first dog day care in the country to have iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps so owners can watch their pups at play, day and night. There are 11 live webcams streaming from the three playrooms and regular Facebook posts and tweets. The outside play area is made with recycled sports turf, which is ecologically appropriate and, unlike gravel or Astroturf, easy to clean.

“The St. Louis Park pet business network is really supportive,” Keith Miller says. “If someone had a fire or got sick, they could bring their dogs to us or I would go work at their place to help out.” Miller stays current on developments in the doggie care world and is a fan of the “busman’s holiday”: Whenever he travels, he stops by other pet care facilities to take notes on what they’re doing right and what he would like to avoid in his own establishment. “There’s a real difference in big-city day cares,” he notes, adding many have a less than fragrant smell. 7020 Walker St.; 952.922.8183;

Bubbly Paws

Owners: Trycia and Keith Miller Services: Self-serve or full-service dog washing, grooming Hangers-on: Roxy the Bernese mountain dog

The tale:

Bubbly Paws is the Millers’ laidback little brother to their high-maintenance big baby, the Pampered Pooch Playground. The Millers opened Bubbly Paws two years ago, mainly as place to wash their own Roxy, a 100-pound Bernese whose bulk and thick hair demand an elaborate bathing process. They nabbed a light and airy space in the busy Excelsior/Grand complex and outfitted it with five elevated step-in tubs with shower hoses, a grooming room and a drying room. Customers can bathe their dogs themselves or pay a bit more for a house shampoo.

The Millers are dedicated to the St. Louis Park community and even use a locally made shampoo, which is actually a reformulated horse shampoo. “I like it because it doesn’t smell fake or overpowering,” Keith says. “I mean, I’m a guy, so I couldn’t care less about smelling like flowers.” Nevertheless Bubbly Paws’ grooming services offer plenty of bling for their canine clients, including toenail polish and in one unusual case, a pink polka-dot dye job.

The couple loves the tight-knit animal owning community in St. Louis Park. “People know each others’ dog’s names. Everyone goes to the Dakota dog park and people recognize each other [from the dog park],” Keith Miller says. “I’ve seen love connections happen here. Seriously, if you were a single guy, why wouldn’t you get a dog?” Miller dreams about opening a pet rental business for hopeful single guys hanging around the dog park. In the meantime, “we just have fun here,” he says. “C’mon, it’s a dog wash!” Each month Bubbly Paws gives back to support a different pet rescue organization, donating $5 from each bath, and hosting creatively awesome occasions like doggie yoga and doggie happy hour. 3730 Grand Way; 952.657.5300;

Pet Friendly SLP

We also provided St Louis Park Magazine a list of some of the pet friendly businesses in St Louis Park:

Primp Hosts fundraisers for a local pet rescue 1628 West End Blvd.; 952.303.3791;

Lululemon Stop in with your dog and get a treat 1639 West End Blvd.; 763.545.9069;

McCoy’s Public House Dogs can hang out and get treats on the patio 3801 Grand Way; 952.224.9494;

Yum! Free house-made doggie treats 4000 Minnetonka Blvd.; 952.922.4000;

The Four Firkins Browse the local beer selection with your discerning pooch 5630 W. 36th St.; 952.938.2847;

Galaxy Drive-In Bring your pooch while you enjoy a superb burger 3712 Quebec Ave S.;952.277.7777;

Frattallone's Ace Hardware Great nosing around for dog and man (or woman) 5025 Excelsior Blvd.; 952.456.6630;

Filament Lighting This business provided the lighting for Bubbly Paws 5007 Excelsior Blvd.; 952.926.5007;

Working on the 1st

DipticOne of the hardest things about the dog wash is always making sure it looks brand new!  We take great pride in our business and always want to make sure it is as bright, clean and amazing as it was 2 years ago when we first opened!  Sometimes this means doing projects after hours or on holidays when the dog wash is empty!  We have a great handyman, but sometimes I like to do the work myself.  Today Trycia and I put in about 4 hours of work to make sure everything continues to look new.  I really hate when you walk into some places and you can tell that they have been around for a long time.  While we worked, Roxy and Waffles (our friends dog that we are dog sitting) had fun watching.  Roxy did get covered in some paint when she rubbed against one of the freshly painted tubs... OOPS! Waffles also thought all the bones that we have by the checkout were for her ;) Hope everyone had a great new years.



The best new dog toy

Today we got a very interesting email at the dog wash telling us about how this guy created the best new dog toy every made.  He went on and talked about how he designed it, and all the work and money he put into the product and why we need to blog about it.  I believe that our integrity is the best thing we have going for us at Bubbly Paws Dog Wash... So I asked him to send us a sample of his "amazing" product, and if our dog Roxy and some of the shop dogs like the toy, then we can review it.. I can't say something is the best without actually trying it out! He said that he would not send out sample products without a minimum 20 toy order.. So I quickly responded saying that we refuse to review and sell the product...  I mean seriously, I am not going to lie on the blog and say something really is the best when I have never even touched it!

With almost every retail product we sell at Bubbly Paws Dog Wash, there is a story behind it, or a reason we sell it.  If you want to know why something is great, just ask our staff.

Have a great night!



Beer With Your Buddy

Beer with your buddy in minneapolis, mn Last night was the final Beer With Your Buddy of the season, and it was a great night despite the colder weather! Bubbly Paws Dog Wash has been part of this event for the past 2 summers, and we love it!  Roxy had lots of fun watching everyone make s'mores and walking from table to table begging fir treats. This might be one of her favorite events!  People often ask why we do so many events, and I always say they are fun and I love to sport anything that makes Minneapolis a dog friendly city and we like to support businesses that support local pet rescues.  Don't worry, just because Beer With Your Buddy is over for the season, that does not mean everything is over!  I am working on putting together a great event with one of our favorite Micro Brewery's.  Hopefully we will have everything worked out soon and we can give you the details!  Until then, get excited for our 5th annual Woof 'n Treat Dog Halloween Party!

Have a great day!


Roxy's Uptown Minneapolis Adventure

Roxy shopping in Uptown Minneapolis,mn Trycia, Roxy and I had lots of fun shopping in Uptown yesterday... I know I always say this, but Minneapolis really is a dog friendly city!   Our first stop was the Apple Store, which LOVES having dogs come in.  All the staff flock to you, but not to help, just to pet your dog!  We both got the new iPhone 5 on Friday and wanted to get a case, but guess what...  The Apple Store does not have cases in stock yet.  Call me crazy, but I just assumed they would have cases for their hottest new product.

When we were done playing with all the toys, we walked down the street and I had to wait outside while Trycia was shopping (they were not dog friendly, sad!).  While waiting on Hennepin Ave, lots of people would pet Roxy as they walked by and she loved it!  Our final stop was at the new CB2 store. I walk talking to one of the employees there and he said "how could we not be dog friendly, I love to meet them all".  There is something that just feels cool about taking your dog with you!  I am always surprised more stores are not dog friendly!

Where are some of the places that you like to take your pooch?

Have a good day!


Hipster Dogs

hipster dogs at bubbly paws dog wash in minneapolis, mnSarah, one of our dog wash employees decided it would be a good idea to put her "hipster" sunglasses on Mattie and Roxy... So we turned it into a photo shoot.  I really think one of the things that sets Bubbly Paws apart from other dog businesses is that we LOVE to have fun and we don't take things to seriously!  Hope everyone had a good weekend! Keith


Dog Friendly Gym?

Roxy had a big adventure today... We started the afternoon off with checking out the dog wash and making sure everything was running smooth!  Once Roxy got a few treats and other goodies, we went to the gym.  I have been training with a personal trainer for the past 2 years and decided to bring Roxy in to surprise her.  Roxy ran, and was so excited to see Trycia and Lori (our trainer).  Roxy ran right into her studio like she owned the place! Trycia then took her home as I began to workout!  Lori is a wonderful trainer and I love going to her! For more information, you can visit her website.

Yea! Snow!

roxy and her stick at the minneapolis dog parkI have lived in Minneapolis for almost 10 years, and this winter is by far my favorite!  It actually makes me LOVE minnesota winter :)  I think back 1 year ago when we were in the process of building Bubbly Paws and I was helping the construction guys bring stuff in and how cold your hands would get even if you had gloves on! Even Roxy would get cold when it was -30 outside.  Now, fast forward to this winter.. PERFECT!  Today when it started snowing we took Roxy to the dog park.  She loved running in the fresh dusting of snow.  When we left, she found a stick that she wanted to carry all the way back to the car.  When we got to the car, she would not get in because she wanted to chew it.  OK, so there ya go.. This whole blog post had very little to do with the dog wash, but heck, it was entertaining.... I hope! We have something really cool we have been working on, and if all goes well, we will let everyone know what it is on Monday :)

Have a good night!


Roxy, the rule breaker!

This morning, Trycia, Kayla and I were at the Rosedale Mall for the Karen Nueberger PJ's and Paws Dog Walk.  We were there painting nails (dog nails, not people nails)  and having fun with all of the dogs that came out.  They had a "cutest dog" contest and it was great to see all the dogs with painted nails.  After the contest, I think Roxy got really excited, she pulled her way into the fake snow around their christmas display and just sat in it.  She loves snow and I guess now she loves fake snow! Have a great weekend!


Roxy's Sleepover

20111102-194655.jpg Wow, the cooler weather is finally here and we have lots of sweaters and jackets to keep the dogs warm. If your pooch wears clothing, make sure to brush them out, because hair mats very quickly. We also sell a great product the can help to remove mats. I mention this because Gracie has a great collection of fall gear!

This week Gracie who belongs to Sarah or Sarah Beth Photography is sleeping over at our house. Roxy really likes to have her friends sleepover.

Have a great night.


Roxy's Gelato Trip

Roxy gets gelato at 50th and France in Edian,MNTonight Roxy had a photo shoot with Lucky Mutt Photography for an upcoming project.  After the shoot was over, Trycia wanted to try out the new Pandolfi Gelato shop at 50th and France in Edina.   So we drove over there and their place is really nice.  They saw me standing outside with Roxy trying to see what gelato flavors they had, and they said I could come in with Roxy and see what they had.  They were super nice and the Gelato was awesome.  Next time you are near 50th and France I suggest checking them out! Have a good night!



Roxy's July 4th Weekend

roxy at bubbly paws dog wash in minneapolisThis past weekend we took Roxy with us while we visited Trycia's family in Wisconsin for the 4th of July!  The first stop was at a cabin, where we tried and tried to get Roxy to swim.  She has never been much of a swimmer, but she loves to wade in the water and lay down.  So we put her doggie lifejacket on her (thanks to the wonderful selection at Bone Adventure), and kept taking her out a little bit farther.  After many tries, we decided she is a land loving pooch! Then later, we stopped at Trycia's sisters house, and one of the first things she asked us was.... Can you get me another Stunt Puppy collar and some more of that awesome Topline Shampoo!  Today, I packed up a nice care package of shampoo and a new collar for Roman their black lab and shipped it to them!

After a few more days, we came back, and Roxy was pretty stinky!  So she got a bath today at the dog wash!  Now she is smelling great!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!



Photo Shoot and Memorial Day

Roxy at the Apple Store in Uptown, Minneapolis, MNLast week on our blog we talked about Roxy going to the Apple Store in Uptown Minneapolis.  Sarah Beth Photography just sent us the link to the pictures she took. I wanted to share one on my favorites. Earlier this week we emailed everyone on our list and talked about our "Labor Day Hours"... OOPS.. I was a few months off, and should have put "Memorial Day Hours".  Bubbly Paws will be open from 10-5 this Monday.  So stop in with your dirty pooch on the way back form the cabin for a self-service bath.

Have a great holiday weekend!



Roxy's Visit to the Apple Store

Roxy at the Apple Store in Uptown, Minneapolis,mnAs some of you might know, I am a pretty big supporter of Apple!  Tonight there was a pet event at the Apple Store in Minneapolis (uptown).  The Apple Store is always dog friendly, but it was pretty cool to see 30 dogs all behaved and having fun there!  Our friends from Sidewalk Dog gave a preview of their new website, and Sarah Beth Photography talked about how she edits photos on a Mac.  Fun times and awesome dog treats!  Roxy loved it.. This is the 4th time Roxy has visited the store and she loves all of the attention she gets. Oh, and a shout out to Ben who works there.. He saw that I checked into another apple store on Facebook 2 weeks ago and called me out on it.. I feel like such a cheater!!

Have a good night!



Roxy's Day of Fun

As some of you may know, Trycia and I have been working hard putting together our new house (we have been living in the Linden Hills area of Minneapolis and we moved down the street because Roxy needed a bigger yard to play in).  With moving, comes lots of projects around the house and I am so glad that we live down the street from a dog friendly hardware store.  Not only are there shop dogs (Jager and Odis), but they allow you to bring your own dog in.  Just incase you were unsure if they allow dogs, there is a big Dog Friendly sticker in the window from Sidewalk Dog.  After the hardware store, it was off to Woody's Pet Food Deli for more food.  Roxy loves going there as well because we always get a few bones for her to chew on.  It was a big day of going to some of her favorite places.  I was also at the dog wash this morning and it was great to see so many people there!

Have a great weekend!



Bubbly Paws on MSN

Dog events in Minneapolis,mnIt is now secret, we love to take Roxy as many places as we possibly can!  The people from MSN contacted me this past fall and wanted me to tell them where all the cool dog friendly places are.  Check out the video that they just released by clicking here.  There are so many great places to go, I feel bad that I could not list all of them in the video!  When this video was filmed, Bubbly Paws Dog Wash was not open and construction had just started.  Featured in the video is our other business, Pampered Pooch Playground. Watch the video's by clicking the links below:

Segment 1

Segment 2


Roxy's Sleepover and Photo Shoot

minneapolis dog wash Our dog Roxy has been having her half-sister spend the night at our house because her parents are out of town.  Mira is a 2 year old Bernese Mountain Dog and such a sweet girl.  She came to doggy daycare with us on Friday and had fun with all of the dogs in the "zen group".  Today our dog Roxy had a photo shoot scheduled with Sarah Beth Photography for some pictures for the dog wash.  Roxy really likes Sarah and gets really excited when she sees her!  We brought Mira along with us and she had fun waiting in Sarah's office with Gracie (Sarah's dog) while Roxy had her photo shoot.  Just wait until you see the picture that is going up at Bubbly Paws.  It will be really cool.

Have a good weekend!


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