Yea! Snow!

roxy and her stick at the minneapolis dog parkI have lived in Minneapolis for almost 10 years, and this winter is by far my favorite!  It actually makes me LOVE minnesota winter :)  I think back 1 year ago when we were in the process of building Bubbly Paws and I was helping the construction guys bring stuff in and how cold your hands would get even if you had gloves on! Even Roxy would get cold when it was -30 outside.  Now, fast forward to this winter.. PERFECT!  Today when it started snowing we took Roxy to the dog park.  She loved running in the fresh dusting of snow.  When we left, she found a stick that she wanted to carry all the way back to the car.  When we got to the car, she would not get in because she wanted to chew it.  OK, so there ya go.. This whole blog post had very little to do with the dog wash, but heck, it was entertaining.... I hope! We have something really cool we have been working on, and if all goes well, we will let everyone know what it is on Monday :)

Have a good night!


Kayd Roy

Freelance Graphic Designer in Minneapolis

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