Roxy's Uptown Minneapolis Adventure

Roxy shopping in Uptown Minneapolis,mn Trycia, Roxy and I had lots of fun shopping in Uptown yesterday... I know I always say this, but Minneapolis really is a dog friendly city!   Our first stop was the Apple Store, which LOVES having dogs come in.  All the staff flock to you, but not to help, just to pet your dog!  We both got the new iPhone 5 on Friday and wanted to get a case, but guess what...  The Apple Store does not have cases in stock yet.  Call me crazy, but I just assumed they would have cases for their hottest new product.

When we were done playing with all the toys, we walked down the street and I had to wait outside while Trycia was shopping (they were not dog friendly, sad!).  While waiting on Hennepin Ave, lots of people would pet Roxy as they walked by and she loved it!  Our final stop was at the new CB2 store. I walk talking to one of the employees there and he said "how could we not be dog friendly, I love to meet them all".  There is something that just feels cool about taking your dog with you!  I am always surprised more stores are not dog friendly!

Where are some of the places that you like to take your pooch?

Have a good day!


Kayd Roy

Freelance Graphic Designer in Minneapolis

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