Roxy's Day of Fun

As some of you may know, Trycia and I have been working hard putting together our new house (we have been living in the Linden Hills area of Minneapolis and we moved down the street because Roxy needed a bigger yard to play in).  With moving, comes lots of projects around the house and I am so glad that we live down the street from a dog friendly hardware store.  Not only are there shop dogs (Jager and Odis), but they allow you to bring your own dog in.  Just incase you were unsure if they allow dogs, there is a big Dog Friendly sticker in the window from Sidewalk Dog.  After the hardware store, it was off to Woody's Pet Food Deli for more food.  Roxy loves going there as well because we always get a few bones for her to chew on.  It was a big day of going to some of her favorite places.  I was also at the dog wash this morning and it was great to see so many people there!

Have a great weekend!



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