Facebook mistakes

Fun @ Apple

Barkley's Bistro Tonight was a exciting night. As many of you know I am a huge fan of Apple products and I was asked to talk with other pet businesses at an event at the Apple Store in Uptown.  I talked with many people about how we use social media to grow and connect with our business.  One topic of conversation that often came up was.. "what are biggest social media mistakes"... So I decided I would post my 3 top pet peeves about business pages on Facebook.

- It annoys me when a business page comments on other businesses or personal pages as the business.. For example Bubbly Paws comments on a post on Best Buy's wall as Bubbly Paws.  It just bothers me... Not sure why!

- Pages that beg for fans... If you do social media correctly, and run a great business, the fans will come.

- Business pages that have really long names and example would be "Bubbly Paws Dog Wash and Dog Spa in Minneapolis".  This is why we just registered "Bubbly Paws"

By no means am I a Facebook expert, but I like to play one on tv!  Ha!

There were lots of our friends there, and we made lots of new ones!

Have a great night!


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