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Social Media Done Right

It is no secret that we LOVE to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at the dog wash.  Seriously, we have so much fun putting pictures up and interacting with our customers on there.  I get really annoyed with businesses that don't understand how to use it correctly.  I think my biggest problem is when a company put up "Like this picture if ____" or when companies try to sell products. Social media should be fun and interactive!  Trycia and I were in Kauai for the past few days and we had a blast there and I was very impressed with how well our hotel responded to social media.  As some of you might know I love coffee and I found out that our hotel was importing Settle's Best coffee rather than using the amazing Kona coffee which is gown locally!  Why would they order coffee that is mass produced over 2000 miles away and then have to ship it for people to enjoy OK coffee.  I asked them this question on their facebook page, and within about 3 hours I had a response saying that they have a coffee cart that brews Kona coffee... But to make it even better, they delivered 2 bags of coffee and coffee mugs direct to our hotel room so we could brew it in our room.  I mean seriously, what company does that?  I was just so impressed by them.  The trip was great and it is always hard to go away when you have 2 small businesses that you worry about.  Thankfully we have Lill who is an amazing manager, Jess who is an amazing groomer and out wonderful staff of Cat, Ashley and Kalyn. If you want to read more about our trip, visit the Pampered Pooch Playground Blog. So if you run a small business, there is your social media lesson for the day... Go to Kauai, and learn how to facebook!

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