The Joy of Brushing your Dog

It’s shedding season. Franklin (like most labs and lab mixes) sheds so much, no matter how often I brush him it seems like it doesn’t make a difference. But I still brush him every day because it is good for both of us. Brushing your dog will make him more comfortable in hot summer weather, alert you to any skin problems, bumps or scrapes she may have picked up and allow you to check for fleas and ticks. Regular brushing also prevents matting in long coated breeds. Matted hair is not only unsightly; it irritates your dog’s skin and in severe cases causes loss of circulation to the skin. Brushing is best done when your dog is dry; we recommend you thoroughly brush your dog before starting a self-service bath. The best brush to use on your dog depends on coat type, we would be happy to recommend an appropriate brush out of the many types we have here at Bubbly Paws.


Grooming your dog should be enjoyable for both of you, so starting to socialize your puppy to getting groomed is vital at a young age. If you have an adult dog that does not care to be brushed positive reinforcement training can greatly improve his or her behavior. First, start slow by asking your dog to stand still while you gently touch the dog with a brush. Reward your dog with small treats. If your dog is doing well, start brushing the body of your dog in the direction her hair grows. If your dog or puppy is squirming, wait for him to relax, then give him a treat and try again later. Gradually increase the time and intensity of your brushing but wait to brush sensitive areas like behind the ears, armpits, belly and rear until your dog is comfortable getting brushed. Try to integrate brushing into times you give your dog affection. The best thing you can give your dog is your time, grooming should be part of the way you and your best buddy bond.

Kayd Roy

Freelance Graphic Designer in Minneapolis

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