Meet Lill!

minneapolis dog wash managerHi, my name is Lill and if you’ve been to Bubbly Paws recently you have probably seen me. I will be writing our blog posts for a while so I thought I would take a minute to introduce myself and tell you about why I love Bubbly Paws. I grew up in south Minneapolis and have always loved animals. My passion for dogs started in high school when I began volunteering for the Golden Valley Humane Society. Since graduating from college and retuning to Minneapolis I have been fostering and volunteering with Secondhand Hounds. In that time I adopted Franklin. I really love being able to bring Frank to work with me, he is a special dog and enjoys being the shop greeter. It means a lot to me that I can support rescues while at work. Bubbly Paws regularly hosts fundraisers for local rescues and sponsors events like Beer with your Buddy and encourages employees to do the Walk for the Animals and other dog-centric events. I also love that Bubbly Paws tries to be as green as possible from the big things like using natural laundry detergent, high-efficiency washers and driers, and locally made Topline shampoo and conditioner that we buy in bulk and dilute in-house to the little things like recycling receipts, reusing gift cards and not using bottled water. We are always looking for ways to be greener and support our local dog rescues, if you have an idea feel free to email me!

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