Fun at the dog wash

482173_10151380848203271_360755265_n One of my favorite parts about owning Bubbly Paws Dog Wash is working at the dog wash.  Trycia and I are NOT the type of small business owners that sit in an office all day and crunch number, we prefer to be active at the store and interact with everyone.  This past week you might have seen us around more because one of our employees was on vacation and we picked up some of the shifts that were open.  Today we had our Spring Saletacular and wow, we were really busy with bath and nail trims!  I always love meeting someone that has never been to our dog wash before because they are shocked at how clean and well run everything is!  This was the theme of the day!!

A big shout out to Jessica, one of our awesome groomers that worked hard doing lots of nail trims today!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and we will see you at the dog wash!



Muddy Mutt Mondays

Now through the end of April, Bubbly Paws Dog Wash presents "Muddy Mutt Mondays".  Bring in your dirty dog on a Monday and receive 1/2 off a self service wash.  You must mention this special when checking out.  Our monday hours are 10am-7pm with the last bath starting at 6pm.  Offer not valid with any other offer or discount.

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