bright and new

Project Day

Roxy and Bindi at Bubbly Paws Dog Wash in Minneapolis,mn Sometimes I think small business owners forget how important it is to keep a business looking like it is brand new!  We always work hard at Bubbly Paws Dog wash to make sure thinks are as fresh and clean as the day we opened.  Last sunday, on Easter was the perfect day for us to touch up some of the paint around the tubs and other places around the dog wash.  So on Sunday afternoon we took Roxy and her best friend Bindi to the dog wash and re-painted all the tubs.  We often find going in on a holiday that we are closed is much easier than going in late at night.  So we hope everyone enjoys the updates and know we are always working hard to be the cleanest and freshest dog wash in the Twin Cities.

Have a good night.


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