Why you need an hour to bathe your dog

Dogs that are large and fluffy like Elpha may take more than an hour to wash!
Dogs that are large and fluffy like Elpha may take more than an hour to wash!

At Bubbly Paws I want customers to get the most out of every visit. In particular for our self-service baths we really want to provide the right environment and materials so you can give your dog a thorough bath. You may know that we ask people doing self-service to come in at least an hour before we close and we do that as part of making sure everyone can get their dog squeaky clean.

When new people come in they sometimes ask if we have a time limit or how long it will take to bathe their dog. We never have a time limit and some dogs take longer than others but I recommend allowing an hour to bathe your dog. This gives you the time you need to brush out your dog before the bath if needed, get them nice and soapy, rinse clean, condition if you’d like and rinse again. You also have plenty of time to dry your dog, clean their ears, brush their teeth and give them a cologne spritz as well. If you need a nail trim or a little advice from our staff we can have the time to help you too. Making sure to use enough shampoo and then rinse it out completely ensures you get your dog really clean and can take a while. So remember to give yourself enough time and make the most out of every trip to our spa!

Last call for self-service baths is 5pm on weekends and 7pm on weekdays. We hope to see you and your pooch soon!

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Minneapolis, MN

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