Why we don't sell the coolest pet product of 2012

dog pooper scooper One thing that we try really hard to do at Bubbly Paws Dog Wash is find unique products that are not sold in big box stores and products that we really believe in.  Last weekend we were at a pet expo for retailers and found a great product that I was so excited to sell. It was basically a poop bag holder, but you can roll the poop bags back in rather than jamming and stuffing them back into the unit.  This was honestly the one product that we found that I was most excited to try to sell.   When we got back from the pet expo, I was telling all of our dog wash staff about how great this product is and everyone was really excited to try it.  I very rarely get this excited over something I found at a trade show!   The product is made by a small, start up company, which was another reason that we were excited to sell them.  They called me last Monday and we talked on the phone for about 10 minutes, and I let them know how great their product was.  We placed our order, and they told us that we did not order enough of the product (we ordered  12 of them which is 2 cases), after all it is a new product and we were not even sure of it was going to sell. They sent the order back and said that we needed to order more!! I am honestly not sure why a small, start up company is trying to up-sell and make us order more on a product that is brand new.  They should honestly be happy that someone is placing an order no matter how big or small it is.  If it took off and sold great, we would have come back and ordered more.  I guess the moral of the story is not every small business is as small business minded as we are.  We try to support as many small or local companies as we can.  I honestly don't like to carry products that you can find in one of the huge stores.

So sorry that this was such a negative post, but I felt we should tell everyone why we are not carrying it.  Oh, as you will notice, I never mentioned the company by ;)

Have a great weekend!



Kayd Roy

Freelance Graphic Designer in Minneapolis

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