Why did Bone Adventure Close?

As many of you know, Bubbly Paws is a locally owned small and we are also very supportive of other Minnesota small businesses.  Recently we have received many calls from customers asking:

"What happened to Bone Adventure"

"Did Bone Adventure go out of business?"

We always hate to see any small business close, much less one that we personally liked and felt like it was a great part of the community. We would often run into the owner of Bone Adventure at events and fundraisers and had a great business relationship with them.  We have heard some rumors of why they closed all 3 locations (Edina, North Loop and 48th and Chicago in Minneapolis), but without anything that is verified, we don't want to spread rumors and that is not our style to gossip. There are very few small, locally owned pet stores and it saddens us when we see one go out of business or get taken over by one of the large companies. 

We often sent our own customers to the 50th and France Bone Adventure when we did not have a leash, collar, sweater or something that they were looking for.  We also sent our grooming customers there if we were booked out too far.  

Just know that we personally miss them as much as you do!  

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