Trip to Chicago

20120521-152426.jpg As many of you might know, I really love the Chicago White Sox and I grew up in Chicago. So this past weekend, Trycia and I took a short trip Chicago to see the Cubs / White Sox Game. Oh, did you know the White Sox won the series?? (sorry, needed to brag for a moment). Anyway, we also checked out a few dog businesses while we had some time to kill. One place we looked at was described as an upscale dog wash. After walking in and seeing how it worked, there is no doubt in my mind that we are one of the friendlier, nicer dog washes in the country. Their staff was showing us around and it seemed like it was a chore for them. I asked a few questions and they seemed annoyed. Oh, you also have to lift your dog about 4 feet high into a tub. I now have a new respect for our tubs that the dogs can walk into. I think trying to lift Roxy who is over 95 pounds would kill my back. OUCH! As always, we strive to be the best, friendliest, and most fun. If you ever have a comment or suggestion let us know. I want each customer leaving our dog wash saying, "wow, i really had fun there".

Have a good day.


Kayd Roy

Freelance Graphic Designer in Minneapolis

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