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Random Bubbly Paws Facts

A rescue was asking for some random facts about Bubbly Paws Dogs Wash... I thought I would share them...

- The slogan of Bubbly Paws Dog Wash "Our Soap Is Dope" was created over a text message conversation with Sarah Beth Photography while we were at Pizzeria Lola (super dog friendly) eating and drinking.

- Before opening Pampered Pooch Playground (our first dog business) Keith worked in radio for 11 years (chicago, des moines, cincinnati and minneapolis).  He produced the Moon and Staci show on KS95 for 4 years.  Both Moon and Staci were in our wedding party.

- The base shampoo is made by Topline Canine,  local company and our doggy daycare was the first place to use it!

- The idea for Bubbly Paws Dog Wash came from a customer of Pampered Pooch Playground who complained that there was no place where he could bathe his dog.

- A large part of the Pampered Pooch Playground and Bubbly Paws business model is to give back to local dog rescues!

Thanks Sarah

Pax is modeling the new Bubbly Paws Dog Wash t-shirts! About 3 weeks ago, Trycia and were having dinner at Pizzeria Lola and sent a text message to our photographer friend, Sara Beth.  The text said "have any cool ideas for a slogan for the  Dog Wash".  About 5 minutes later, I got a text back with a few slogans, and there was one that Trycia and I kept laughing at..... "Our soap is dope!"... So it suck.. All through dinner we kept laughing at it..

Then later in the day, we asked Sarah to help design the shirts, and she thought we were kidding and mocked up some super cheesy design with a bar of soap in it.. We finally told her we were 100% serious and she came up with the real look!!

Thanks Sarah Beth Photography for a kick butt slogan!

Random note about Pizzeria Lola... We go there about once a month for dinner, they have a great outside dog friendly patio with a treat bar!  They played a huge part in our new slogan, and they had no idea they even helped... All they did was provide yummy pizza and cold beer!

Have a good night!

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