Summer Fun!

I hope everyone is making the most of our hot and heavy summer! Lots of our regular clients have gone out to the lake or cabins in the past month and we are so lucky to have two more months of summer left to enjoy. Franklin and I are getting ready to get away as well and as much dog stuff as I have I think there are a few more things I have to pick up before we head out of town. A stink proof collar is a must for dogs who like to swim, hunt, dock-dive or dogs that just like to roll in stinky stuff. We carry Stunt Puppy’s Stink Proof collar, RuffWear’s Headwater collar and OllyDog’s Tilden collar (and leashes). All are made of BioThane which wipes clean and dry, no need to wash it. The Headwater collar has a nice reflective pattern for added visibility and the Stink Proof collar has StuntPuppy’s classic double D –rings, one for a leash and one for tags. If your dog is a questionable swimmer, a life-jacket might also be something to pick up.

Summer is a buggy time of year and happytails dog spa products help prevent and treat itches. Their Flea the Scene is a dog safe bug repellant. It also sooths the skin and has UV protection. Itchin’ for Relief helps sooth hot-spots, bug bites and irritated skin. All happytails products are all natural, eco-friendly and cruelty free.

Frank and I would love to wish you a safe and fun summer!

Kayd Roy

Freelance Graphic Designer in Minneapolis

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