Indie - Available for Adoption

indie, available for adoption in Minneapolis,mnOne of our really good friends, Matt and Amber called me tonight and asked for a favor.  They just rescued a beautiful dog that was 5 minutes away from being put down at a shelter. They paid the vet bills, and to transport it from the south to Minneapolis and they really wanted to give him a self service bath so he was all fresh and clean for when he went to his new foster home.  I met them at the dog wash around 8pm tonight, and got to meet Indie, who is the sweetest Boxer/bulldog mix you will ever meet.  The fist thing he did when he saw me was to give me a huge kiss.  He is a HUGE lover and is a super sweet dog.  Once he was done with the bath, i started petting him and he kept trying to give kisses.  He is going to make a great pet!!  Indie is being fostered through Gemini Rescue.  Amber and Matt also own Modern Life Photo and you can see some of their work right outside our grooming room.  

Kayd Roy

Freelance Graphic Designer in Minneapolis

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