Gear to get you active for Spring!

The weather is warming up and all the snow is melting so Franklin and I are so excited to get outside and have fun. We collected a few things that will make it easy to get out and have fun with your dog. photo (4)

It's no secret we love Stunt Puppy products and the Stunt Runner lead is a great tool to walk, jog, or run with your dog. It straps around your waist (or a light post if you need coffee after your work out) and has a bungee section to minimize stress on you and your dog if they happen to pull on the lead.

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After your run you and your dog should drink plenty of water. OllyDog makes a great water bottle with a detachable bowl so you can pour your pooch a drink while you get one. Made of BPA-free plastic it is sturdy and streamlined.

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If your dog gets messy at the dog park or likes to swim, roll or splash around get a collar that repels water and smell. Dublin Dog no-stink collars are tough and good looking. They have a solid buckle and come in sizes for small to large dogs. They wipe clean with no fuss and don't hold on to scents.

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Happytails makes great all natural grooming products. Must-haves for summer are the Itchin' for Relief and the Flea the Scene sprays. Itchin' for Relief soothes irritation and hot spots on your dog's skin. Flea the Scene is a 3-in-1 spray that protects your dog from sunburn, repels insects and conditions the coat. Both of these sprays are safe even if your dog licks them off.

The best part of spring is the relief of getting outside after the long winter. Have fun, be safe and don't be afraid to get dirty!

Kayd Roy

Freelance Graphic Designer in Minneapolis

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