First time at Bubbly Paws

self service dog wash in minneapolisThis weekend Trycia's family was in town and this was their first trip to Bubbly Paws Dog Wash!  They were really excited to see how it turned out and how much fun it is!  They really loved meeting all of the dogs that we in getting a bath! After the trip to Bubbly Paws, we took a short stroll down the street and stopped at Starbucks.. To say that they LOVE Starbucks would be an understatement.  Now before you start yelling, all the drinks were caffeine free!

Trycia's mom was really impressed with the city of Minneapolis and how dog friendly it is!!  Maybe they can help convert their city in Wisconsin to a super dog friendly city!!

On a side note... Thanks to the whole staff at the Excelsior and Grand Starbucks.. They are the friendliest crew in the business, and know how to keep us going!!

Kayd Roy

Freelance Graphic Designer in Minneapolis

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