Feeling Thankful this Holiday Season

Franklin and I at the Pride festival representing Bubbly Paws.
Franklin and I at the Pride festival representing Bubbly Paws.

I really like the holiday season. Not the cold or the snow or the icy chill but because it is a great time to reflect back on the year and spend time with the people (and dogs) that are most important. Franklin and I have so much to be thankful for this year. In addition to celebrating three years since I started being his caretaker we also had our two year anniversary of working at Bubbly Paws. It has been such a big year for Bubbly Paws! We were so happy to work in the opening of the new St Paul store and see it become a great success. We also started Give Back Week to take time every month to help local pet rescues. We have added two amazing groomers and many new staff to our team. We just found out we are again up for two awards in the Best of St Louis Park Magazine and we could not be more proud of the hard work that everyone put in to make it happen. Providing great service, gentle touch and low stress grooming to the twin cities makes us so happy!

Maybe you've noticed Frank hasn't been around much over the last month. He had a health crisis when we discovered an aggressive tumor on his hip. With help from family and friends, many Bubbly Paws related, we raised funds for his surgery and he is now on the road to recovery and has a great prognosis. It means so much to be part of a community that loves dogs and is ready to step up and help when the need arises. I know Franklin has been really wanting to be back at work but right now he needs rest to recover from surgery but we are both very hopeful that Frank will be back in action towards the end of December.

Here’s hoping you and your pooch have a very happy holiday season! We have all sorts of goodies here to let you show your dog how much you love them and even photo sessions if you need a cute picture for a holiday card. We are also sponsors of the Great Minnesota Pet Food Drive if you have extra pet food or to help get into the giving spirit. We are so thankful for our awesome customers and clients!

Kayd Roy

Freelance Graphic Designer in Minneapolis

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