Featured Rescue Dog: Max

Max is being fostered by one of our friends and would make a great addition to a home that is ready for a dog that has a little energy. Here is what his foster family said about him....

He is a lover of love!   When he's left alone for hours on end, he can get into some trouble with digging and chasing chipmunks but what Wirehair wouldn't when left to their own devices for that long?  I think he'd do best crated, in the house and then being exercised with a ball, a dummy throwing session or going for a swim.  He adores people, does well with other dogs but has growled and nipped at a child- but only when they were trying to ride him like a horse.  He is so gentle and really would be a terrific pet for someone who has the time.  For more information on Max, send us an email.

Kayd Roy

Freelance Graphic Designer in Minneapolis

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