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I have been busy helping Keith plan Give Back Week and so I have been collecting a list of some of the local rescues I love and researching the rescues that were suggested to us. During my research I've seen photos of a ton of adoptable dogs. One night Jessica, our groomer, was looking over my shoulder at a photo of a dog that BARK rescue had just pulled from a shelter where she was at risk of being euthanized. They had put up her photo on Facebook asking for help naming her. Jessica suggested the name Violet and I wrote it on her photo. Pretty soon after we found out they chose the name Violet for her! Because we had a little part in the beginning of her new life I though we would help her find a forever home. Violet is a well-mannered, young adult English Bulldog and Staffordshire Bull  Terrier mix. Though she has clearly not had the best beginning in life, she shows signs she had puppies and has a poor cropping job done on her ears, she is a model citizen. She will work for treats, is kennel trained and gets along with other dogs and cats. She sleeps in her crate and rides nicely in the car and generally just likes to take it easy. Violet will need some extra care to help heal the double infection in her ears. If you are looking for a calm and friendly dog who needs a little extra love, check out Violet!


Kayd Roy

Freelance Graphic Designer in Minneapolis

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