How to better communicate with your groomer

Like bows and bandannas? Let us know so we can make sure your pup goes home with them!
Like bows and bandannas? Let us know so we can make sure your pup goes home with them!

I love seeing all the adorable haircuts our groomers give dogs all day. I so admire the skill, patience and care that our talented groomers put into every grooming client. We work so hard to give dogs the hairdo their owners like for them! Communicating what sort of look that you want for your dog can be tricky so this blog is all about how to ask for what you want and so you and your groomer can better understand each other and get the haircut for your dog that you desire!

One of the first questions we ask most clients is how much length we are taking off your dog’s coat. A puppy cut is a great basic cut for many breeds but it just indicates that the hair all over the dog (legs and body) will be the same length: no fancy patterns. Whether you want about half off, an inch of length or trimmed close to the skin be specific.

We often hear “don’t make him look like a poodle”. While we understand you probably don’t want a big top knot and pom poms on you pup’s feet, there are many different cuts that poodles get and many different ways they can look after grooming. While we might be able to get an idea of what you don’t want it’s more helpful to know what you DO want your dog’s cut to look like.

Bringing in a photo is a great way to show us the style you are looking for but it is not perfect. If your dog is an adult and you bring in a puppy photo we won’t be able to make them look the same as when they were young (as much as we wish we could!). Dog’s coat texture changes as they grow up and there is just no way to get that fluffy puppy hair back on an adult dog.

Speaking of coats: the hair type and texture can affect how a haircut looks. What may look great on one dog might look a little different on another dog because of these differences. Even purebred dogs of the same breed can have a lot of variation in coat type. Our groomers can help advise you if the cut you want is possible with your dog’s coat.

Variations in coat texture are especially noticeable in designer and mixed breed dogs. While we love teddy bears, doodles and all American mixed breeds there are not breed standard cuts for any mixed or designer bred dogs. This means we don’t have a starting point to reference when we talk about the look you’d like for your pup so we might ask a few more questions to get an idea of what you would like. Our groomers groom many many mixed breed dogs and love them!

Most importantly if there is anything you’d like different about your dog’s haircut let us know right away. The best time to fix or adjust a haircut is within 48 hours of when your dog was in for grooming because they will still be clean and brushed out well. While we strive to make each cut what our clients want sometimes a dog’s coat condition prevents us from leaving the coat as long or setting the pattern that you might want. Ask your groomer if spending more time brushing at home or more frequent visits might help get the look you desire.

Dog Shower Gifts

Goodies before getting wrapped up in a gift bag!
Goodies before getting wrapped up in a gift bag!

Here at Bubbly Paws we consider our dogs a part of our family and we know our customers feel the same way. We go above and beyond to give your pooch the best possible care during the self- or full-service grooming because family members deserve to be treated as such. I know a lot of my friends are dog people and a lot of the dog people I have met through Bubbly Paws have become friends. When my friends adopt a new dog I feel like my family grows a little and like a baby shower I like to give my friends new dog gifts. A close friend recently adopted a puppy and since it is her first dog I wanted to make an extra special gift bag for her. Here are a few of the essentials for a new puppy I got together for her:

Poop Bags! If you work with dogs you see a good deal of dog poop and learn the best way to clean it up. Of all the baggies I've come across these are the best! They are biodegradable, easy to open, plenty big and strong. I have never had one rip or fail and I really like the ones with handles for easy tying.

Treats! New additions of the four legged kind can always use some training to get used to being in a new family, even when adopting an older dog. I love small wet treats for training that are easy to eat and the right size that you don't feel bad giving them a handful during a training session.

Chew toys! Puppies in particular need to keep their mouths busy with appropriate toys so they don't destroy shoes or other things. I love toys that are tough and have a place to stuff in a treat. This provides excellent entertainment for a dog while teaching them what they are supposed to chew on.

Antler chews! These have gained a ton of popularity recently. Antler chews are good for sensitive stomachs, last a long time and great for dental health. I think they can be used to help crate train a dog by giving them something safe and engaging to enjoy while kenneled.

My friend happens to be a fan of micro-brewed beer so I made this gift beer themed with some treats and a bottle of dog beer. A nice Bubbly Paws gift card is the final touch for a perfect new puppy gift! I hope she and the puppy enjoy all their goodies!

Feeling Thankful this Holiday Season

Franklin and I at the Pride festival representing Bubbly Paws.
Franklin and I at the Pride festival representing Bubbly Paws.

I really like the holiday season. Not the cold or the snow or the icy chill but because it is a great time to reflect back on the year and spend time with the people (and dogs) that are most important. Franklin and I have so much to be thankful for this year. In addition to celebrating three years since I started being his caretaker we also had our two year anniversary of working at Bubbly Paws. It has been such a big year for Bubbly Paws! We were so happy to work in the opening of the new St Paul store and see it become a great success. We also started Give Back Week to take time every month to help local pet rescues. We have added two amazing groomers and many new staff to our team. We just found out we are again up for two awards in the Best of St Louis Park Magazine and we could not be more proud of the hard work that everyone put in to make it happen. Providing great service, gentle touch and low stress grooming to the twin cities makes us so happy!

Maybe you've noticed Frank hasn't been around much over the last month. He had a health crisis when we discovered an aggressive tumor on his hip. With help from family and friends, many Bubbly Paws related, we raised funds for his surgery and he is now on the road to recovery and has a great prognosis. It means so much to be part of a community that loves dogs and is ready to step up and help when the need arises. I know Franklin has been really wanting to be back at work but right now he needs rest to recover from surgery but we are both very hopeful that Frank will be back in action towards the end of December.

Here’s hoping you and your pooch have a very happy holiday season! We have all sorts of goodies here to let you show your dog how much you love them and even photo sessions if you need a cute picture for a holiday card. We are also sponsors of the Great Minnesota Pet Food Drive if you have extra pet food or to help get into the giving spirit. We are so thankful for our awesome customers and clients!

Low Cost Vaccine Clinic

spay neuter
spay neuter

Just because Give Back Week is over it doesn't mean we are taking time off from helping our community. This low cost vaccine clinic helps people in Minneapolis get affordable vaccines and microchips for their pets. Bubbly Paws is giving volunteers $5 off coupons for self-service baths for their help. Spread the word to help dogs and cats get the preventative care they need and if you can, volunteer! Don't forget that Woof n' Treat  is a fundraiser for Homeward Bound Rescue, we hope to see you and your pooch out in your best costumes for lots of treats (and maybe you can show us some of your dog's tricks)! 

Happy Independence Day!

photo I hope you and your pooch have some fun and relaxing plans for the 4th of July! Just a reminder that we will be closed Thursday July 4th in observance of the holiday. We will reopen for normal hours on Friday the 5th.

While the 4th of July is a great time to celebrate and have fun outside in the beautiful summer weather it can be a stressful time for your pet. The noise and lights of fireworks can be especially scary. Take extra care to leash and secure your dog in case they get scared and try and run away. If your plans involve being outside all day use a pet safe insect repellent and sunscreen. Remember that alcohol and insect repellents for humans are unsafe for dogs. Here are more tips from the ASPCA.

Bubbly Paws carries both a pet safe bug repellent and sunscreen combination spray as well as Thundershirts which can help anxiety from fireworks. If you want a cute treat for your dog to have we have cookies, ice cream and doggie beer to treat your best buddy!

Have a fun and safe holiday!

Meet Minnie, our featured adoptable!

IMAG1865 Minnie came into Bubbly Paws recently and we were all blow away at what a sweet and loving little girl she is. She is a corgi dachshund mix and at 15 pounds she is a great size. Minnie is housetrained and can use a puppy pad if needed. She is crate trained but does not need to be as she is well-mannered while left alone. Minnie would love a home with another small dog. She loves to go for walks and is great on a leash. She is good with cats and dogs but would do best in a home with older children. Her profile can be found here.

If you think Minnie would be a great addition to your home contact Heading Home K9 Rescue!

Roxy and Franklin's Snow Day

photo (1024x768) I can't say I'm sad to see all the snow melting but it was nice to be reminded of how pretty fresh snow can look. Roxy and Franklin both love to play in the snow so I took them on a nice walk to enjoy the sunshine and fresh snow. They loved having a snow day to sniff around and stretch their legs off leash. Roxy in particular loves to run in the snow!

photo (2) (1024x768)

I'm ready for spring to arrive but we had fun for our (hopefully!) last taste of winter!


Featured Adoptable Dog

I have been busy helping Keith plan Give Back Week and so I have been collecting a list of some of the local rescues I love and researching the rescues that were suggested to us. During my research I've seen photos of a ton of adoptable dogs. One night Jessica, our groomer, was looking over my shoulder at a photo of a dog that BARK rescue had just pulled from a shelter where she was at risk of being euthanized. They had put up her photo on Facebook asking for help naming her. Jessica suggested the name Violet and I wrote it on her photo. Pretty soon after we found out they chose the name Violet for her! Because we had a little part in the beginning of her new life I though we would help her find a forever home. Violet is a well-mannered, young adult English Bulldog and Staffordshire Bull  Terrier mix. Though she has clearly not had the best beginning in life, she shows signs she had puppies and has a poor cropping job done on her ears, she is a model citizen. She will work for treats, is kennel trained and gets along with other dogs and cats. She sleeps in her crate and rides nicely in the car and generally just likes to take it easy. Violet will need some extra care to help heal the double infection in her ears. If you are looking for a calm and friendly dog who needs a little extra love, check out Violet!


Growing Up Bubbly

It's been a year since I started here at Bubbly Paws and I have learned and grown so much. I have met a ton of awesome dog lovers and dog rescuers working in the Twin Cites to make it a more dog friendly place. One of the great things I've seen in the past year is a crew of puppies grow up. It is so much fun to see how much a puppy can grow in a year, or even a few months!

Hank is an awesome mini goldendoodle that gets groomed by Jessica. He is a fun and well-behaved puppy who is such a charmer!

Tilly is a neighbor of ours and she is a pile of personality! She is always getting into something and maybe even making a mess but she is so cute and silly, we just can't be mad!

Hardy is an adorable mutt that gets groomed by Jessica. He is always surprising us with his quiet and collected demeanor. Hardy is truly on old soul in a puppy body!

Olive is a gorgeous Labrador retriever puppy who I get the pleasure of giving full-service baths to. She is a huge sweetheart and just started her growing up, check out how little she was her first visit to Bubbly Paws:

Dolly is a total doll! She is growing up too, just like Olive and I just can't wait to see how big she is when she comes in next!

Franklin's Fashion Story

Franklin is comfortable and casual in this subtle floral print bandanna.

Whether getting away for a weekend in the country or vacationing at the cabin, Franklin keeps it clean while getting dirty in this Stunt Puppy dry collar, and Roundabout leash.

Keys at the ready and styled to a T, Frank is always dapper in his Newport collar and leash, by Harry Barker, day or night wear for the city life.

When feeling festive Frank dons his holiday sweater, warm in a crisp autumn evening.

All clothes are model's own. Styling by Lill, on location at Bubbly Paws.

Featured Rescue Dog: Lilly!

There are a lot of reasons why I like Lilly (even though we have never met): we have the same name, she is a little stubborn and a little silly, and has spent a long time waiting for the right family or person to find her (AND she has a lucky ear!) She is a four year old, spayed female bull terrier up for adoption through Secondhand Hounds. She has that goofy bull terrier forehead and squinty eyes that just can't be beat. She needs a home without other dogs but is good with cats and older kids. She does get along with some other dogs but needs proper and slow introductions. Lilly is looking for someone who understands that she needs love and support to be the best dog she can. Like most bull terriers Lilly can be stubborn but is willing to listen to her person and loves to play. Once you have her love, Lilly will be your loyal and steadfast companion for life. Her profile can be viewed here. Remember that the lucky person who adopts Lilly gets a free self-service bath at Bubbly Paws!

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