Why No Daily Discounts?

Saint Paul dog wash and Grooming
Saint Paul dog wash and Grooming

Today I was working at our Saint Louis Park dog wash and had a great conversation with a new customer while she was washing her dog.  She was amazed that a dog wash could look so beautiful and not be a franchise.  I told her how we are not fans of franchises and how Trycia and I really like to be hands on and work at both our locations.  After a few minutes of talking she asked if we had weekday discounts... I told her that very rarely do we ever offer discounts because we want each customer to have the exact same experience at bubbly paws.  Think about the last time you flew, each person on that plane paid a different price for the exact same flight.  That annoys me!  Compare that to the dog wash, because someone comes in on a Tuesday, should they save $5 on a bath?  What makes Tuesday a better day to come in than any other day of the week?  What about the people that work during the week and can't make it in?  To offer these discounts, that means that other customers have to pay more for the baths.  To me, this does not seem fair.  I also feel that offering discounts all the time really cheapens our business and undervalues our services and location.  After explaining our way of thinking, our customer really understood why we do it this way.  I did point out that we have our Paw Points program where you can earn 15% off after 5 visits.

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts we love talking to cusotmers and being hands on business owners.  Just because we have 2 Bubbly Paws locations does not mean we will be stuck behind a desk looking at Microsoft Excel spreadsheets all day long (that is why we have an accountant).  If you ever have questions, just ask myself our one of our wonderful staff members, or click here to contact us!

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