Halloween Fun!


Summer slipped by faster than ever this year! Fall time is always bittersweet for me since I am not a winter person but I do enjoy the colors of the season and the beautiful bounty of fall. Woof N Treat is our yearly Halloween party and usually marks the end of the summer event season. This year is no exception and it is going to be better than ever! With the Halloween season comes a few extra dangers to your pets and it’s always good to go over the best ways to have fun and stay safe this year.

Woof N Treat grows every year and keeps getting more support! We are so happy to have more of our business neighbors involved in the event and with that we are able to close part of Grand Way to make the area larger and safer for all the families enjoying the fun! We will have a roving magician offering tricks, a cupcake truck for treats, tons of goodies to walk around and explore in front of all the businesses. Some of your favorite activities like hayrides and a bouncy house will be there again this year. Amy James will be hosting the costume contest which will be bigger than ever!


When thinking of a costume for your dog try and remember a few things: Make sure your dog is comfortable and can easily walk in the outfit. Make sure there are not any parts that your dog could trip on or anything poking them that could cause discomfort. It is always better if they can see well, but if you are always keeping your costumed dog on a leash you can act as their eyes. Never leave a costumed pet unattended or in their outfit for an extended period of time. Plan ahead so you can try on your dog’s costume and give them a few treats so they are comfortable and confident strutting across the stage when the time comes. Most importantly be creative! The best costumes are those that surprise with humor, scariness or satire. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Most people know that dogs and cat’s shouldn’t have any treats, chocolate in particular. Keep in mind other ingredients in candy such as xilitol can also be very toxic to pets. Make sure that candy bowl is always out of reach. Also most people know to keep black cats inside around Halloween incase of pranksters or cruelty risks but it is best to keep all cats inside regardless of color. Be extra sure that you have your pets in a room separated from the front door during Trick-or-Treating so they don’t get loose or lost. I always recommend keeping dogs that can be flight risks leashed indoors since the ringing of the doorbell and scary costumes can cause dogs to become frightened and bolt. Having them leashed adds another level of security. Decorations are so much fun but pumpkins, corn, candles and lights should also always be out of reach and pets should be supervised around them just in case.

Have a very happy Halloween and I hope to see you and your pooch at Woof N Treat!

Kayd Roy

Minneapolis, MN

Freelance Graphic Designer in Minneapolis

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