Meet Lois, our (very special) featured adoptable

Lois' modeling debut at Bubbly Paws.
Lois' modeling debut at Bubbly Paws.

You may have seen her in our news feed over the last few weeks, Lois is living with Frank and I while she waits for her forever home to find her. Since I personally know Lois, her bio here will be a little more detailed than most of the featured adoptables we do.

Lois is about seven years old ended up at the pound as a stray this spring. She is about 35 pounds and is a pit bull mix. After sitting there for way too long for such a nice middle-aged girl she was rescued by Save-a-Bull Rescue and fostered by a veterinarian and animal behaviorist where she was put through basic obedience class and readjusted to living in a home. Her other foster needed somewhere for Lois to go in October and Frank and I stepped up to care for her.

There are so many good things to say about Lois I will start with the bad: Lois should not live with cats. That's about it. She has a big bark but does not use it much, she loves food and should not be left unattended in the kitchen but shows great restraint when supervised. Lois has wonderful house manners, she won't make a mess or eat your shoes (or anything else she shouldn't). She is fine in a kennel but will bark for the first few minutes after being kenneled. While working at Bubbly Paws she has shown that she loves people of all ages and even mail carriers, delivery people and uniformed police officers. She is also good with dogs of all sizes and attitudes. Lois walks very nicely on a leash and will politely greet dogs or walk on by, whatever you feel like doing is fine with her.

Lois taking a walk on a pretty fall day.
Lois taking a walk on a pretty fall day.

Lois does love food! She gets very excited for treats and bounces around but when you go to give her one she takes it so very gently. She knows most basic commands. Lois really wanted to help herself to all the goodies we have at Bubbly Paws when she first started but quickly learned "leave it" which also works at home. She snores, even when awake, and is happy to sleep on her bed but wouldn't say no if you invited her up to sleep with you. She also knows not to go on the couch but if you are relaxing there she may want to snuggle up and join you. Lois is great because she can take long walks and be quite active but is also happy to hang out at home and is perfectly calm (until it's treat time!).

What Lois loves most (even more than treats) is attention from her people. She wants to be in the room you are and nicely follows her favorite person. She is happy to get pats, praise, even being picked up or bathed just so she is getting attention. I think Lois' perfect home would be an only dog home or have one other mellow dog. She likes to cuddle up to Frank so the dog she lives with will have to be ok with that. But she would be happy with a single person or a big family, living in a house or an apartment, she could fit in anywhere. Most important is someone to give her all the love she deserves (which is a ton since she is such a nice and well behaved dog)!

photo (1)
photo (1)

If you are looking for a ready made family dog, consider Lois. Here bio is here where you can read more about her and submit an adoption application.

Featured Adoptable Knight

Last night I saw a familiar little dog, it was Minnie! I featured her in June and she has since gotten a new name and a great forever mom. Congratulations to both of them!

Today featured adoptable is dear old Knight. He reminds me of Franklin because he is an older guy who lived in a home and for whatever reason he ended up in a shelter. Knight is 12 years old and a lab springer spaniel mix and he is just looking for a nice quiet home to live out his golden years. Adopting an older dog is easy and hard: they don't need a lot of attention or exercise, they are past the naughty stage and just need a little love and a nice bed but they can also break your heart. Even if it seems like you might not have a lot of time with them they will pay you back tenfold in love and sweet companionship. And just maybe (like Frank) they will surprise you with how long they stick around. To get more information about Knight contact Mutts & More Animal Rescue and check out his cute photos on Facebook.

If you are thinking of adopting but Knight's not the dog for you or if you just want to enjoy the last dog days of summer stop by WoofStock where there are a ton of rescues and dog and family events. Don't forget to stop by and say hi to Franklin and I at the Bubbly Paws booth!

Meet Minnie, our featured adoptable!

IMAG1865 Minnie came into Bubbly Paws recently and we were all blow away at what a sweet and loving little girl she is. She is a corgi dachshund mix and at 15 pounds she is a great size. Minnie is housetrained and can use a puppy pad if needed. She is crate trained but does not need to be as she is well-mannered while left alone. Minnie would love a home with another small dog. She loves to go for walks and is great on a leash. She is good with cats and dogs but would do best in a home with older children. Her profile can be found here.

If you think Minnie would be a great addition to your home contact Heading Home K9 Rescue!

Meet Thunder, our Featured Adoptable

thunder1 On Saturday, June 1st, Give Back Week for Border Collie Rescue of Minnesota (BCRMN) starts. Thunder is a dog in rescue looking for a very special home. He is a normal border collie in many ways, he likes exercise and time outside running with you or chasing a frisbee. He is house trained and crate trained and all around easy to be around.  The reason he needs a special home is because is fearful of new people. Once he gets to know you, you are his best friend but he needs slow introductions to people. His ideal forever home understands fearful dogs and the needs of border collies so he can feel safe and loved. If you think you might be his forever home (or know someone who is) send them to BCRMN's adoption page.

Here is his profile if you would like to know more about him from his foster home. Remember from June 1st to June 6th mention BCRMN or Give Back Week when you come in for a self-service bath and we will donate $5 from your bath to this exceptional rescue!

Nikki, featured adoptable dog

I had the pleasure of giving Nikki, a cute Boston terrier mix, a bath today. She has been in foster care about a month and she is looking for a forever home. Though she is bigger and has a thicker coat than most Boston terriers, she is very much representative of all that is great about these cute, energetic dogs. Nikki is smart, agile and graceful. She likes to run and play but was polite with all the dogs she met here at Bubbly Paws and was happy to sit still for a treat and to get her collar and leash on. She was perfect for her bath. When we give dogs full-service baths or grooming we always trim their nails, clean their ears and brush their teeth. Doing this gives us a great impression of how tolerant a dog is to being handled. Nikki was perfect for all of these things and stood nicely while I bathed her. She would be happy in any number of homes and I think she would do wonderfully in an active home with kids and another dog(s). She is even house-trained and crate-trained! Nikki is a ton of fun and love in a neat little package. Who wants to share their home with this awesome adoptable dog? Check out her bio and apply to adopt her through Petfinder.  

Nikki looks serious but she is a ton of fun!

Featured Adoptable Dog

I have been busy helping Keith plan Give Back Week and so I have been collecting a list of some of the local rescues I love and researching the rescues that were suggested to us. During my research I've seen photos of a ton of adoptable dogs. One night Jessica, our groomer, was looking over my shoulder at a photo of a dog that BARK rescue had just pulled from a shelter where she was at risk of being euthanized. They had put up her photo on Facebook asking for help naming her. Jessica suggested the name Violet and I wrote it on her photo. Pretty soon after we found out they chose the name Violet for her! Because we had a little part in the beginning of her new life I though we would help her find a forever home. Violet is a well-mannered, young adult English Bulldog and Staffordshire Bull  Terrier mix. Though she has clearly not had the best beginning in life, she shows signs she had puppies and has a poor cropping job done on her ears, she is a model citizen. She will work for treats, is kennel trained and gets along with other dogs and cats. She sleeps in her crate and rides nicely in the car and generally just likes to take it easy. Violet will need some extra care to help heal the double infection in her ears. If you are looking for a calm and friendly dog who needs a little extra love, check out Violet!


Featured Rescue Dog: Max

Max is being fostered by one of our friends and would make a great addition to a home that is ready for a dog that has a little energy. Here is what his foster family said about him....

He is a lover of love!   When he's left alone for hours on end, he can get into some trouble with digging and chasing chipmunks but what Wirehair wouldn't when left to their own devices for that long?  I think he'd do best crated, in the house and then being exercised with a ball, a dummy throwing session or going for a swim.  He adores people, does well with other dogs but has growled and nipped at a child- but only when they were trying to ride him like a horse.  He is so gentle and really would be a terrific pet for someone who has the time.  For more information on Max, send us an email.

Featured Rescue Dog: Lilly!

There are a lot of reasons why I like Lilly (even though we have never met): we have the same name, she is a little stubborn and a little silly, and has spent a long time waiting for the right family or person to find her (AND she has a lucky ear!) She is a four year old, spayed female bull terrier up for adoption through Secondhand Hounds. She has that goofy bull terrier forehead and squinty eyes that just can't be beat. She needs a home without other dogs but is good with cats and older kids. She does get along with some other dogs but needs proper and slow introductions. Lilly is looking for someone who understands that she needs love and support to be the best dog she can. Like most bull terriers Lilly can be stubborn but is willing to listen to her person and loves to play. Once you have her love, Lilly will be your loyal and steadfast companion for life. Her profile can be viewed here. Remember that the lucky person who adopts Lilly gets a free self-service bath at Bubbly Paws!

Featured Rescue Dog - Byron

Byron foster dog in minneapolisSay Hello to Byron... He is being fostered by one of the Bubbly Paws employees for Heading Home K9 Rescue in Minneapolis..  Remember if you adopt Byron, you get a free self-service bath. Byron is the sweetest, softest, most eager to please dog we have seen.... he offers his belly up to strangers for a belly rub, loves kids and other dogs ( wants to play with them!), and just goes about life with a happy attitude and a desire to do whatever he can to please his people. At 75 pounds, he's not truly a lap dog, but he sure tries. He walks/runs with you, is mellow inside, well housetrained and minds his manners. No cats for him, please, he likes to chase them too much. He has had basic obedience and loves to show off what he knows.

Featured Rescue Dog - Aloha

Aloha - available for adoption in Minneapolis, MNMeet Aloha who is available for adoption through MUSHR.  Aloha is a very sweet girl and was being fostered by one of our employees at Pampered Pooch Playground.   She is cream colored with brown eyes and weighs about 40 pounds. The family that adopts Aloha will need to take puppy classes and continuously work on her socialization. While Aloha is extremely timid, with a little patience she can show a lot of affection. She has a very gentle disposition but is a bit shy with strangers. Aloha is crate trained for day and night and is housebroken. She loves carrying around toys and anything else that is left on the ground. You can always find a large collection of toys stashed in her crate. She does extremely well with dogs of all sized and would do well in a multiple pet household. Aloha also does well with cats. On a leash, she does okay walking at your side except when passing people and dogs or if there is too much commotion around. She may do better in a quieter neighborhood. Aloha gets along very well with the resident dog who has helped Aloha learn how to play and just be a dog. Because of the need for Aloha's ongoing socialization and because she has learned so much from the resident dog, we are looking for a home for Aloha that already has a stable dog to help continue to teach Aloha the ropes of being a great dog. We have no doubt she will make a wonderful part of someone's family in time. She has a lot of potential and is making great progress already!  Click here for more pictures on her profile.  If you adopt Aloha, we will give you a free self-service bath at Bubbly Paws Dog Wash.

Featured Rescue Dog

featured rescue dog in minneapolis, mnBubbly Paws Dog Wash believes in giving back to the pet community in the Twin Cities and every few weeks we will feature a new dog that is up for adoption from a local pet rescue.  To help promote adoption, we will donate a free self-service bath to the person that adopts the dog.  Stop back soon to see our first featured rescue dog.

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