A really funny phone call

Many of you might know that we are the farthest thing from a franchise business, and we are honestly not huge fans of many franchises.  We LOVE being a small mom and pop dog wash, and hope that the values come through everyday in our services and how we treat customers.  We often get the question, "Wow, this place looks amazing.... Are you a franchise"... We always quickly respond that we are not.  I am not really sure why we always get that question, maybe it is because the dog wash looks like a salon for people... Who knows.. I take it as a compliment that someone thinks our place is good enough to copy!  We received a phone call last week when I was at the dog wash asking if we wanted to have a booth at the Minnesota Franchise Expo this weekend.  I just had to laugh!   Obviously, we don't want to have a booth there!  Oh well, it was a pretty entertaining call.  We love being a small business, and not run like a corporation.

Hope everyone had a good weekend with their pooch!



Kayd Roy

Minneapolis, MN

Freelance Graphic Designer in Minneapolis

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